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Can someone explain the different coils to me?

I've just been given a multipack of different coils to try on my new Vandy Vape Pulse but no idea what each one is good for! Can anybody explain in simple terms for me please? Would be much appreciated! I've been given one of each from the below

  • Stable coil (0.36 ohm)
  • Tiger coil (0.35 ohm)
  • Super Clapton coil (0.3 ohm)
  • Staircase coil (0.32 ohm)
  • Quad coil (0.28 ohm)
  • Mix Twisted coil (0.4 ohm)
  • Hive coil (0.45 ohm)
  • Fuse Clapton Pro coil (0.3 ohm)
  • Fused Clapton…

Can someone explain the different coils to me?

Back on the wagon

After several months of falling off the wagon, I think I'm back on it again (well fingers crossed), and back on the forum.
You would think my sister dying of cancer would make me stay away from the cigs, but it had the reverse effect for some reason. She finally passed last month. It was only about 6 months from diagnosis to her death, which was shocking, but thankfully it wasn't a long drawn out ordeal.
Anyway, I'm back to vaping and it's nice to see the forum is still here.

Nicotine Salt explained…I hope ;)

I've been mucking about with nic salts now for a fair while, and increasingly thanks to the effectiveness of the nicotine rush (I'm still a hopeless nic addict after all), I'm using them more and more on a daily basis.

I've summarized what I've learned about nic salts over time, hopefully the guide below clears up a little confusion around them…

"Allow me to introduce myself, my name is…."

….. James or "Messy Beatz"

Been lurking for a little while and anytime I've needed an answer regarding a vape issue "Google" would always certainly throw this forum up in the search results and I'd generally find what I was looking for.

So with that said thought to myself why not join.

Ive been vaping for a while and use recently took the plunge to start diy mixing, ordered my first starter kit a few days ago via The Alchemist Cupboard (heard good things)

Anyway… I hope to stay…

"Allow me to introduce myself, my name is…."

Manabush – Too Thick?!? Going black in Nautilus


I'm just trying to wrap my head about some issues with Manabush <a href="”>liquid. I've used in a Nautilus and Nautilus 2 (0.7 coil). The <a href="”>juices I've tried are Sweet tobacco and Powow Sauce. They are both 18mg and 50/50; both are very thick and difficult to get out the bottle.

When used my tank struggles with them slightly (gurgles) which doesn't happen with any other <a href="”>liquid and the vape produced is somehow 'hollow' in sensation. The <a href="”>liquid then goes from dark to near black.

Wondered if…

Manabush – Too Thick?!? Going black in Nautilus

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