Coil Art DPRO RDA?

Anyone used this RDA yet? Haven't found anything anywhere near as good as the Goon yet but this one peaked my interest, on face value it seems to have a lot going for it

– 24mm diameter
– dual coil
– postless deck
– domed top cap
– airflow angled towards the coils (similar to Pulse RDA)
– 810 drip tip
– bottom feed pin

<img src="” class=”bbCodeImage LbImage” alt=”[​IMG]” data-url=”” />

But one thing that is putting me off is the size of the airflow holes, it looks…

<a href="”>Coil Art DPRO RDA?

Stomach issues

I have been having odd issues with a bloated feeling and pains in my stomach for a while now and I am trying to eliminate anything I am doing before re-visiting the doctors.

Has anyone had or know of any issues caused by vaping that has caused stomach issues? I have heard of people being pg intolerant I use 70vg or 80vg though.


Just an observation this one, cos a guy who I was working with today mentioned something about "cowboy builders"
Why do they call them cowboys? Where does the phrase come from?
I have never once seen a film where John Wayne swindles a pensioner out of their life savings over a shoddy paving job. Or Clint Eastwood selling someone a horse and wagon made out of two carts welded together, with a fake MOT.
Disrespect to real cowboys in my book.

Innokin Cool Fire IV TC 100- recommended tanks

Got this mod and need a tank for it. I have an Aspire K4 and the aspire tank was leaking so a man in a vape shop has just lent me a Smok tank to try. I was finding it more harsh than the Aspire, but I think that was due to remnants of an e <a href="”>liquid with menthol in it ( I had taken the glass of and cleaned the tank and wiped the coil a few times and now it's giving a nice smooth vape in my Aspire with Shake n Vape blue raspberry cotton candy. (I do not like anything menthol). I've tried the…

Innokin Cool Fire IV TC 100- recommended tanks

Ego one mini batteries and alternative kit..

Hi guys

I was hoping you could help me out with a few things..

First up – Does anyone know anywhere at all I can get ego one mini batteries from? I'm on to my last one and I think it's on it's last legs. Becoming desperate now lol

Also, as some of you guys know, Joyetech discontinued the ego one mini which i'm gutted about. What would you guys say is the closest kit on the market today to the ego one mini, in terms of size, shape and performance etc?

Would really appreciate some advice….

<a href="”>ego one mini batteries and alternative kit..

should i get a goon?

I have a twisted messes rda, I have the mad hatter as well but the goon sounds and looks amazing. Out of all things i like its single coil mode. I build really low ohm builds like 0.1ohm builds and some of the snazzy coils i do end up at 0.13 alone putting 2 in… Well my mod wouldn't fire it. I also wouldn't feel comfortable putting it in my mech i like my face as it is.
so would it be worth it or is there a better rda with a huge deck and sleek looking clamp system?

Anyone Been To Dalaman (Turkey) Recently?

Hi all,

Got an email from Monarch yesterday about my upcoming flights to and from Turkey – Dalaman.

The email was about electronics and security flying from Turkey to U.K.

They stated that iPads/Laptops and certain notebooks/phones need to be in hold on the way home due to a new security measure (law).

It also noted the following:

"Please also note that power banks/portable power sources or spare or separate device batteries larger than the dimensions specified below, are not allowed…

<a href="”>Anyone Been To Dalaman (Turkey) Recently?

Here We Go!!! Charity Raffle 2017

Hi Guys and Gals <img src="” class=”mceSmilie” alt=”:2thumbsup:” title=”2ThumbsUp :2thumbsup:” />

As most of you already know, I run a Charity Raffle every year on the POTV Forum to raise money for a chosen beneficiary. This year, we are supporting The East Anglian Children’s Hospice movement . They are a tremendous organisation that have offered incredible support to Children and their families through the most difficult of times. They are now having a purpose built property constructed to take the level of care…

<a href="”>Here We Go!!! Charity Raffle 2017