Glass Nic Storage Bottles

hi all I did a search but can’t find an answer so

I’m looking to find large amber or cobalt blue glass storage bottles for nicotine I ordered.

I bought a liter and want to break it down into several smaller amounts. I can’t seem to find larger sizes of these bottles.

Any suggestions on where to find. I looked on amazon but I could only find 50ml as the largest.



Shipping from Gearbest?

I ordered a tank from Gearbest and shipping method was EU registered Post since I'm living in a EU country (Denmark).

Now I can see on the tracking page that the package is under service in Customs in my country.

Why is that?
I hope I'm not gonna paying any extra [emoji848]

Anyone had same experience?
I'm not sure but the package is shipped from Holland…. The last letters on the tracking number is NL.

Freemax Fireluke review by KingPin

Hi Folks,

I received the Fireluke directly from FreeMax. I will convey my thoughts and do my very best to provide you with enough information so you can reach your own conclusion on the product, so no recommendations from me, just a final conclusion of my personal experience with it. Please ask questions in the below if I've missed anything you want to know

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Product Overview

  • 316 Stainless Steel (SS) or Resin construction
  • Capacity: 5…

Freemax Fireluke review by KingPin

Vaptio wallcrawler giveaway

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@Vaptio have sent me two of these to review….so it only seems fair to give away a new sealed in the box one to one of you lucky people…..

The wallcrawler is a single 18650 7w-70w mod with a full colour screen, and it is tiny, pocket friendly and as stealthy as….

Also included in this is the awesome throne tank and 2 coils….a 0.25ohm and the 1.25ohm…

Vaptio wallcrawler giveaway

[Wismec] Luxotic BF BOX with Tobhino BF RDA

Now Available for Preorder: Wismec Luxotic BF BOX with Tobhino BF RDA
Preorder now and get 10% off until February 10th
<img src="” class=”bbCodeImage LbImage” alt=”[​IMG]” data-url=”” /> ​

The new Wismec Luxotic BF BOX with…

[Wismec] Luxotic BF BOX with Tobhino BF RDA

Long time lurking newbie here.

Hey everyone. As the title says, been lurking for some time now and have finally gotten off my lazy ass and created an account. Have spent many hours on the net learning about ohms law, mods and atty's and many times I was brought to this site so it made sense to finally join the community.

Smoked for 28 years and vaping finally got me away from it and man do I feel better. Been vaping for close to a year now and really enjoy it. Didn't take long at all for me to get into rebuildable's and…

Long time lurking newbie here.

Teens And Tobacco

"e-cigs seemed like a healthier alternative to smoking- still get the nicotine but not the carcinogenic materials that come from cigarettes. However, individuals who have used e-cigs for several years are developing “popcorn lung” which is a term used to describe the damage being done to the lung tissue. "

No Vaper has EVER come down with popcorn lung.

In fact only about a dozen people have EVER…

Teens And Tobacco