Royal Mail are pissing me off !

Well that's 3 days on the trot now our village has had no mail. Zero. zilch, nada <img src="” class=”mceSmilie” alt=”:3dmad:” title=”Mad! :3dmad:” />
Now it is not like we are in the middle of nowhere. We are just off the main road between Leeds and Wakefield.
….and it is not the first time we have been lapsed.
……and what has really pissed me off is a package which was sent ' 48 hour tracked' last Saturday has still not arrived.
…..and to cap it all, Royal Mail have lied on their tracking website as to why it has not been delivered.

<a href="”>Royal Mail are pissing me off !

Capo squonker my views

So yesterday I got my capo the size is good & feels about heavy but not to bad, anyway I decided to use my dpro with dual n80 coils & running it at 60 watts, this set up lasted me all evening using ijoy 20700 & put a fresh battery in this morning, over all the capo is ok & it's abit like the Pico squeeze big brother, would I buy another I doubt it, it's a good mod but there is better out there.

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vape inc upto 90% off

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<a href="”>vape inc upto 90% off


Ive seen brochrome coils recommended quite a bit and was wondering if to order it? I tried ni80 claptons from crazy wire and couldnt get along with it.

Crazywire has a cheaper equivalent but am wondering if the stealthvape one was better? What guage would you guys suggest? Its going in my avocado 24, big baby beast and limitless rdta.

Not sure if to risk the sv one? If i dont like it, im gna have a full role that i cant use. What do you guys suggest?
Has anyone tried the the flat nichrome…

<a href="”>Brochrome

Definitely DO NOT VAPE !!!

So the wife and little un have been playing craft today and when they'd finished the mrs put the glue somewhere where mini me couldn't get it

Yup you guessed it, by my vape stuff – the out of bounds area in the kitchen

I however thought she'd bought me some new <a href="”>juice and got excited !!!

That would have been a bit shit, glittery fucking glue in the tank
Luckily I hadn't been drinking so spotted this
Some other apes may not have been so lucky

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Older Folks and Vaping Back Porch – Part Seven

<img src="” class=”bbCodeImage LbImage” alt=”[​IMG]” data-url=”” />…………

To the Seventh incarnation of the Back Porch

Being a charter member from the very first 55 and Older……which split into the two porches, I am honored to carry on what Txtumbleweed started and Mike had so…

<a href="”>Older Folks and Vaping Back Porch – Part Seven

Hastur MTL From Cthulhu – Giveaway

A quick and dirty giveaway. Righto Apes, I recently reviewed this tank and it's a really, really good MTLer. I've been using it for the past fortnight whilst testing it, but I'd like to pass it on to a fellow MTL lover. You know who you are!

So add your name to the list, and I'll draw this at the end of the week. I'm away from Monday, so I'd like to post on Saturday if possible. Postage paid if in the UK.

Cheers and good luck


Hi, I'm new to the vaping and been researching a lot on ohms law, resistance, battery and wattage before I try things out. Its still confusing after many attempts but to be on the safe side I just wanted inputs from experienced people in the vaping community to see if, it is safe to fire a .25ohm coil on a regulated mod with dual battery (2 Samsung 25R batteries) at 80-100 watts. Thanks