Free SXK kayfun mini V3

Hi Apes, I was about to bin my SXK Kayfun mini v3 clone because there is a short in the deck. I'm not good enough on electrics so can't sort it out. So I thought that maybe someone else might be able to make use of it for spares? Anyway PM me if you're interested.
By the way I'm not exactly sure how PM works, so have patience with me!
All I'd want is an SAE……….. If you're as old as me you know what that means!
Anyway – first come, first served.

2017 POTV Charity Raffle…….. THE WINNERS!!!!!

OK Boys and Girls…………. After feverish activity by Carol and myself last night, I can now announce THE WINNERS!! <img src="” class=”mceSmilie” alt=”:2thumbsup:” title=”2ThumbsUp :2thumbsup:” />

Congratulations to ALL of You!! Once you have calmed down, PM me with your Name, Address and which Prize you won and I will put you in contact with the people you need to speak to. We have tried our level best to make sure that no one won their own donated items. <img src="” class=”mceSmilie” alt=”:)” title=”1 :)” />

The STAR Prize Winners…

<a href="”>2017 POTV Charity Raffle…….. THE WINNERS!!!!!

Wasp Nano Advice.

Evening Apes,

So picked up alittle Wasp Nano to use as an out & about squonk RDA for the extra battery life.

Running on a LV Halcyon at 320F (38w with a initial fire at 55w for 1.5 secs) using flattened SS Clapton @ 0.35ohms. Also tried a Caterpillar SS @ 0.75ohms. Cotton Bacon as always.

Now, where is the flavour hiding?! Positioned coil high so could see daylight between the two airflows, positioned it low so air hit it bang on the side, still very poor flavour. Tried (in my opinion)…

<a href="”>Wasp Nano Advice.