MTL Setup

Put a wanted ad in the classifieds as my setup broke but open to buying new so what do you guys use or recommend? Show me your setup for some inspiration? Open to anything really so some suggestions on what to look into would be great thanks!

The Go-To-Wire: Kanthal or Nickel

In the vaping world, <a href="”>wire
is used to make coils. While there are many different types of wires uses
to do this, the two we are going to talk about today are nickel and kanthal. Both
wires have different characteristics as well as some pros and cons.

Kanthal Wire
Kanthal is a mixture of iron, chromium, and aluminum. It is
the most popular wire used and comes in many different lengths and gauges. It
has a high resistance and was designed to heat as electricity passes through
it. Another characteristic about this wire, is that it has good durability,
meaning it can be used multiple times over long periods of time. This wire is
easy to work with but stiff enough to hold its form when you shape it. This is
especially important for when you wick your coils because you don’t want the
shape changing or the wire getting distorted. The great thing about kanthal is
that it is inexpensive and it is available here at Vapin’ in the Cape. One
thing to know, though, is that this wire does burn down quicker than others and
that could carry a risk of the metal getting into other parts of the vape.

Nickel Wire
This type of wire is usually pure nickel without any other
metals mixed in. While kanthal is still the most used, nickel is increasing in
popularity. In fact, it is especially popular with vapers who enjoy building
sub-ohm coils and tanks. Nickel is a softer metal and has a low resistance but
has a high temperature coefficient, which means the resistance changes rapidly
when heated. This is beneficial for temperature control. One thing to know
about this, though, is that since nickel is a softer metal, it is hard to get
it to keep its shape once you begin the forming process. Nickel has been known
to get distorted once you wick your coils.

If you don’t have a mod that has
temperature control, then you should really use kanthal. Again, not only does
it have good durability but it also keeps the shape you put it in. Overall, it
is the better wire to use. On the other hand, if you have a mod with
temperature control, then nickel is the way to go. Either way, before you
decide which one to use, make sure you look at all the characteristics for both
and see which one is ideal for your vaping needs.

UK ecig store

Sorry for all the threads I've made today, should've put them all into one.

Is their site realiable for ordering stuff, just about to order a Wotofo Serpent SMM RTA, says 'in stock' on the site, just wondered if they are realiable, decent delivery time etc.

Anyone seen this tank ? Dragonball

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The Rise of Pod Systems

Im sure many of you have seen the introduction of various advanced closed pod systems lately, with PAX kicking things off with their JUUL ecig. In response to the FDA regs, others have jumped on board with the Wismec MyJet, Vape Forward CYNC and XOLO by XOLO. Add to the list, Erlkonigen's My.VON ERL and JWells BŌ ecig plus others heading up the Euro side of things.

All have prefilled pods with house <a href="”>juice and some offer pods from well know <a href="”>juice company's like Cuttwood. The only one i know…

<a href="”>The Rise of Pod Systems