Class Action Exploding Devices

I'm sure that most of you have been reading the very recent news about Senator Schumer (D-NY) calling for a ban on vaping gear…

<a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Senator Schumer Wants e-cigarettes Recalled

Well, the following class action could make it even worse…

<a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Exploding e-cigarette Class…

<a href="”>Class Action Exploding Devices

Noisy Cricket II!!

Now this is more like it!!
Having my choice of parallel or series battery configs is such a great feature. Then to have two modes in the series config is just awesome. I will be grabbing one of these ASAP, though I have only seen preorders from China.

Thoughts? Anyone have one yet?
Product Introduction
Noisy Cricket II-25, the updated version of Noisy Cricket mod, is quite intelligent and multi-functional. Featuring the…

<a href="”>Noisy Cricket II!!

Has anyone tried these guys stuff? I stumbled upon their site awhile back and have almost every flavor from their line now. Going to posting reviews of every flavor in this thread if anyone is interested. Definitely try them out, their <a href="”>juice is premium and great prices.

If anyone is interested in trying any flavor I list, message me for a 15% off discount code I was able to get.
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DNA250 wanted

OK so it is time for a new mod, I have a couple of dna200s a dna75 and an RX200. So I was thinking a DNA250 but I can't seem to find any with a lipo cell, now I don't mind 18650s but I'm not overly keen on triple cell devices as they are a bit too heavy for out and about.

So basically it is another annoying recommend me a mod thread… Thanks in advance [emoji4]

Musicians check in here. If you play, tell us about it!

The other day a discussion about music popped up in the outside. Several of us decided that a thread on music would be good to have in the lounge, so here it is. Do you play an instrument? Have you ever played in a band? Are you a musician who would like to learn or help others decipher the finer points of playing an instrument?

Tell us about your background and let's start some talk about what you do and share some stories, musical theory tips, and anything that will support a…

<a href="”>Musicians check in here. If you play, tell us about it!

Apple flavour?

Hey all,

Was wondering if anyone knows of a good straight apple flavour? I've had Ruthless Swamp Thang which was nice but again was more of a sour apple confectionery flavour than a fruity/juicy apple flavour which I'm hoping to find! Any advice is appreciated thanks!

Building my first coil

I have just started using my second coil that came with my Smok Alien kit and when it's burnt out I'm going to start building my own. I have ordered a OHM meter but it won't be here for quite a few weeks. Do people think it's an essential price of kit or will I be ok using my mod for the first one??