Fasttech delivery

Hi Vapers I ordered a mod from Fasttech on the 9th of this month paid the extra for recorded , still not received I've tried tracking and it says it got to the UK on the 22nd, does it normally take this long ?? bought from Gearbest and had my stuff in 9 days !!!!

NHS rant.

Hospitals and the NHS. What the fuck is going on. Today I took the wife to Stepping Hill hospital In Stockport. She fell over at weekend and broke two vertebrae's in her spine.
Pics to prove.

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Arrived at the hospital at 9.00am for her appointment to see the doc. 2 fucking hours sat in a waiting room (well past her appointment time) to see a fucking doctor for 5 mins.
Then they send her for another X ray. Another 2 fucking hours sat…

NHS rant.

How do you deal with the realisation you’ve bought a lame liquid?

Evening guys, a recent run of poor e-<a href="”>liquid choices has left me a little depressed, and reluctant to adventure into the unknown. It's a shame really, as to me half the enjoyment of vaping is trying new <a href="”>liquids and finding that taste sensation for the first time. More so, the blow of having to deal with the fact that you have potentially spent up to £20 on something you don't even want to vape is a real kick in the balls.

Anyway, how do you guys go about avoiding or easing the post purchase…

<a href="<a href="”>liquid.119879/”>How do you deal with the realisation you've bought a lame <a href="”>liquid?

Mod Suggestions.

Hi apes. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for mods. Currently I'm using a TECC Arc3 40watt which works great but the charge doesn't seem great I'm forever charging it overnight I don't even vape loads.

Now I have been suggested to get the evic vtc mini or smok alien. Which I may do in future but right now I want something similar to what I have now. Maybe 40-60watt range?

Once again. Thanks in advance for all the advice.

Do you dry burn your coils?

I accidentally stumbled upon this article recently by Farsalinos <a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>

Essentially dry burning your coils increases the amount of metal you inhale, but is it to a significant enough degree to be concerned, seeing as some level of metals are detected anyway?

Do any of you guys just wash/soak your coils, and does it do as good a job at cleaning the gunk off?

Smok Alien with TFV8 (not baby beast)?

Hi folks,

Has anyone put a TFV8 on the new Smok Alien? How does it fit, is it too big? I tend to vape at around 120w on a octocoli and the TFV8 baby beast coils don't go up to these sort of watts.

Also are the any UK sellers with stock, and preferably next day delivery?

This is quite urgent as I dropped my koopor 200w mod last night at work and ran over the battery cover with a forklift!

Unanimous praise 75W Kanger Juppi Full kit

Kanger Juppi includes 75w Kanger Juppi TC Box mod and Cone Drip Tip Design Juppi sub ohm is the best combo devices in the vaping market .

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75w Kanger Juppi TC Box mod Features :

  • OLED Display Screen
  • Wattage Output: 7w to 75w
  • Dimensions: 3-5/16" x 1-7/8" x 1" (Without Tank)
  • Spring-loaded 510 Contact Pin
  • Temperature Control : Nickel / Titanium /…

Unanimous praise 75W Kanger Juppi Full kit