Am I going crazy?

Before you immediately answer yes. Let me explain. Yesterday my family had a evening mass at a church for my brother. As a kid I've never gone to church. But something made me shut my eyes and relax. Once I got the energy to open my eyes, my vision was outta whack for a second or two. Shortly after,the priest gave me a randomly selected necklace with a cross on it. Here's the thing. It was a white necklace. White is a color that's "pure" not good, not bad. So the way I'm taking this, my sins…

Am I going crazy?

Hyper Tone Force operates in the body with making use of its advanced and also powerful exclusive blends of organic elements and also nutrients. Hyper Tone Force has the capability to comply with the functions of your body, thus enabling it to supply benefits such as building muscular tissues, elevating organic metabolism, which results to the speeding up of melting fats, enhancing power levels, raising sexual performance, and…

iCigcloud- Moradin 3ml RTA- New Owner

I want to get some info out there about this tank as I found very little on our boards and anywhere else for that matter, regarding it's performance.
I've owned/used the Moradin 3ml RTA for about three weeks now. While trying to decide and still comparison shopping, I narrowed my search down to 4 tanks. The Moonshot, Gremini, Cirius and Moradin RTA's. I'm all about flavor, and from what I gathered these all rated well in flavor. I currently own/use a in order of preference Billow Nano v2,…

iCigcloud- Moradin 3ml RTA- New Owner

Rayon Wick – Better Flow, Flavor, Longevity, and Nic Hit!! – Pt.2

This is a continuation of the ground breaking <a href="”>Rayon Wick – better flow, flavor, saturation, and nic hit!! thread.

<a href="”>Rayon Wick – Better Flow, Flavor, Longevity, and Nic Hit!! – Pt.2

So I think I’d like to try building coils

This is something I thought I'd never say! However, I would like to get an RDA and try my hand at building coils. Mainly I want to do this to try <a href="”>juices before I put them in a tank. I'm getting tired of getting a new <a href="”>juice and putting it in a clean tank with a new coil and the <a href="”>juice tasting like shit and then having to dump and clean the tank and coil.

Anyhoo, I need some suggestions from you pros out there on a good, user friendly RDA for the purpose stated above. I don't…

So I think I'd like to try building coils

Post your builds

Figure we should start a thread sharing our builds. I always like seeing new builds and getting inspiration for new ideas.

-post a photo of the build
-what wire is used
-what size are the wraps
-final ohm readings

My all day everyday setup. Dual 24g 5/6 wrap around a 3mm screwdriver metering at 0.27 ohm

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Uwell rafale

<img src="” class=”bbCodeImage LbImage” alt=”[​IMG]” data-url=”” />used only once, comes with 2 coils and extra glass, i didn't care for it, trade for a herakles rta, or lets see what rta tanks are out there

@Jai Haze

Jai Haze is ___________

Fill in what you think you should.

I will start

JaiHaze is a mean and rude person.

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