Weird experiences with fruit punch flavors

Hey all. What’s crack-a-lackin?

Just wanted to pop in to see if anyone else has a similar experience to mine regarding fruit punch flavors.

I’ve tried 3 or 4, and while they smell wonderful and have a decent taste initially, they all seem to have this strange taste on the exhale….like it’s rotten fruit? Or burnt fruit? Is burnt fruit even a thing? Or maybe it’s a metallic taste. I can’t really describe it. But it’s unpleasant. Just at first there is that wonderful Hawaiian Punch flavor…then it turns into all that weird stuff I was trying to describe.

I’m pretty confident that it has nothing to do with my coils or set up. This has only happened with fruit punch flavors. Right now I am trying to vape Golden Gate Punch from Vapealicious. It has great reviews. Many claim it to be their ADV.

Another one I tried was MBV’s "Bloodbath" from the GWAR line. Same results.

There were 1 or 2 more that also had similar results, but I forget the brands.

What is that strange taste I’m getting from fruit punch flavors? I want to like fruit punch vapes so bad.

I vape mainly White Walker from Seduce <a href="”>juice along with a few other RY4 blends. But sometimes I like something a little fruity and sweet. I can’t seem to find fruit vapes that I like.

Input, please!

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