Tree of Life 18650 Mech Mod w/ KT Subtank Mini… Good eJuice websites?

So I just got my hands on this beautiful creation, a gracious gift from a friend I became to know through the vape shop:

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After she let me learn my lesson and had me puff on 8mg nic in a subohm tank, I’m now down to 0% nicotine. Which is odd, because with my KT Evod VV I vaped 18mg. Since using the shop I go to’s version of MBV Hawk Sauce all day, it’s time I find more beautiful flavors a subohm tank has to offer. Are there any really good websites to buy high VG drip <a href="”>juice? I just ordered some Orphan’s Tears from Fuzion Vapor, but I can’t wait I’m going to need to get another flavor tomorrow haha. I change flavors way too much it’s ridiculous. Thanks guys! All recommendations welcome 🙂

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    <a href="<a href="”>juice-websites-photo-jan-30-3-58-57-pm.jpg”>Photo Jan 30, 3 58 57 PM.jpg
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