Mutation X V3 and Delta II

I just picked up the Mutation X V3 SS tonight. I put a 26g dual coil build on it @ .045 ohms. I am getting some nice clouds off this RDA. It comes with phillips screws instead of the triangle ones, the same drip tip as the V2, and a delrin cap to use a standard drip tip.

My wife picked out the Joyetech Delta II tank and the optional RBA deck. It holds about 4mL of e<a href="”>juice. A very nice tank that also chucks some clouds. She’s only tried the prebuild coil that came with it. She can’t stand the red o-rings on the Kanger subtanks (neither can I) so this was the only other option at the B&M. The RBA came with a prebuilt coil and wick installed in it. I’ll post some pics in the RTA forum this weekend.

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