Marquis RDA Clone from Fasttech

So I got my Marquis RDA clone from fasttech. It was 12 bucks and some change at the time, I believe it’s 11 now (whatever the most expensive model is)

Holy hell. Flavor is on par with my Holmes RDA, and it chucks clouds. Aside from that, it is super easy to build on for both single and dual coil. Seriously, I have never had as much satisfaction from an RDA as I have from this. I used to hate RDA’s; I stuck with RTA’s and Geni’s… This has single-handedly changed that.

I’m uploading a (most likely crappy) review to youtube in a couple of minutes if anyone wants to see it in video form and how to build it if anyone feels like seeing that (message me or post here if you want the title; I’m not here to advertise my ….ty youtube channel). But seriously, I really can’t recommend this highly enough. It gave me an entirely different flavor for my <a href="”>juice, and I don’t think I can stop dripping now 0.o

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