Butterscotch Fix/Recipe- Ideas?

Hey all,

So I’m trying to work through this butterscotch from MBV and can’t do it for the life of me. Part of the reason’s that it smells/tastes slightly chemically. (It’s been a month since mfg date) Also, the nic strength is probably a bit too high (24 mg/mL – new vaper here. Read that 24 mg/mL’s best for new vapers. My other MBV flavors (all 24 mg/mL) all have a slight burn, though nowhere near the burn I get with Butterscotch). When I get a good vape from it, it doesn’t taste bad, but it’s usually overpowered by that chemical taste/scent (not nicotine). Any ideas for a fix?

Specifically, I’m thinking of separating the existing mixture into two bottles and diluting it to around 12-15 mg/mL. Since PG/VG alone’ll make it bland, I’m also thinking about adding some concentrates I bought to improve the flavor. I’ve already added around 6 mL EM (wasn’t all that sweet before) and .6 mL marshmallow and .4mL Bavarian Cream into roughly the remaining 20 mLs. Haven’t tastes it yet since my Lemo’s in use and the solution’s in a hot bath.

What I have to work with: FA: Cookie, Marshmallow, Cocoa. TFA: Creme de Menthe, Bavarian Cream, Koolada, EM.

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