Smoktech Magneto help…

I got one of these recently, and it’s supposed to be version 3.

I have an Aspire Nautilus Mini with it and am having trouble with it. I’m using an 18500 battery with it. I first put it together and it seems that I was not getting consistent hits at all. Lot’s of bubbling in the tank and sometimes a huge hit or a mouthful of <a href="”>juice. I am thinking of changing the coil (new coil that came with the tank) but have found a few other things that I may be doing wrong.

I noticed that the battery will push down depressing the bottom button inside and don’t know if when I screw the top on if I should screw it tight enough for the battery to bottom out…?

The bottom button safety stop piece will not screw either clockwise or counter clockwise, it is stuck and will not move. I used it before but now can’t remember which way it should turn to stop the button…clockwise or counter clockwise? I have tried to screw it both ways and it just won’t move anymore. (currently stuck in on/open position)

And I also have a kick that will not fit in it with this battery. Does the battery have to be a 18490? The place I got it from said the 18500 would work fine with a kick in it, but it will not it seems.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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