Best sub-ohm build for flavor in an RDA/mech mod

I’ve been trying to figure out what build would be best for flavor. I’ve heard good things about micro-coils but I’m either doing something wrong or my expectations are too high.

I’ve played with normal dual coil builds around .2-.3 ohms around anywhere from a 3/32 – 1/8 inch bit. I love the warm dense vape but I feel like flavor could get even better. Tonight I tried a build on a 1/16" bit with 25 gauge with 7/8 wraps and ended up at .28 ohms. It vapes and tastes pretty good but I seem to get burnt hits very easily. Much quicker than my previous .3 build with (I think) 5/6 wraps on a 3/32 bit.

Am I doing something wrong with my micro coil builds or do you all recommend a different kind of build for flavor? I can’t build super high considering I like warm vapes and I’m on a mech.

FYI I’m using an authentic copper vanilla and a Tobeco Tohb. Usually only one air hole open on each side to keep the vape warmer and flavor better.

P.S. If there’s a thread about this already please point it out. I couldn’t find a good one.

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