need some help. tank keeps giving me burn hits

Awesome sigelei mod. Not the $150, but the $70 mod. Still pretty great. Tobeco kayfun tank. V2 I believe. Justlearned to setit up on youtube. Its vaping at 1.9 ohms, I have no idea how to get the resistance down and ivehad so many problems before with dry hits that I’m almost ready to just stop, because I figured this setup would solve my problems butnope. Still can’t vape past 3.8 volts. The wick I’m using is the one that came in the package . That might be the problembut idk. I’m frustrated and I need some advise. Please and thanks!

Getting Juice On Mod

Hey everyone. So I had an oops moment today when dripping.

I over-saturated my cotton without realizing it. I set my IPV down and a couple minutes later I came back and there was <a href="”>juice leaking down the side of the mod. I freaked out and immediately wiped it off.

It seems to be working fine but I was just wondering if any damage would be immediately noticeable or if it’s just something that happens to everyone and isn’t a big deal?


Cheap alternative to SJ Eclipse?

I’ve tried a fair number of <a href="”>liquids so far, and lately I’ve been drawn to sweet tobacco flavors (Eclipse is just about perfect, in terms of sweetness and such). To date, my favorite <a href="”>liquid is Space Jam’s Eclipse. The problem is that I’m on unemployment and barely scraping by, so $1/ml is a bit much right now. So I was wondering if anyone knows of a <a href="”>liquid that compares to Eclipse, but perhaps not quite as expensive?

For context, I generally like complex flavors. I find that most in tobacco flavors, but I also like a small minority of others such as Five Pawns. Unfortunately most dessert flavors don’t hold my interest; I’m not sure exactly what it is about Five Pawns that I like compared to others. I also like most of Halo’s stuff and Mountain Oak Outlaw. I’ve not really cared much for most of the RY4s that I’ve tried (I mostly just find them boring); I got a 30ml bottle of an RY4 a few months ago and only used half of it. I don’t like candy flavors. I’d be open to "if you like those, you’d love this" kind of recommendations as well.

I’m sure people are sick of this kind of thread, so I appreciate your time and any recommendations.

Advice on RBA that doesn’t leak?

Howdy folks,

Been vaping about 3 months from a pack/day and see no going back. I’ve taken the path most traveled from ego starter kit to building my own coils in a Kayfun on mech mod. I just can’t get away from the Nautilus tanks/BVC coils because they are so fail-safe. I built all types of microcoils with various wicks in the Kayfun and just kept getting leaks. Can I get some advice on a RBA tank or dripper that doesn’t leak in any situation? I know the leaks are largely based on how I build the setup, but I want an easy button. Thanks!

Plume Veil 1.5 problem/question

Well, I received my new authentic Plume Veil 1.5 today and I can’t seem to get the threaded delrin portion of the top cap (that holds the drip tip and controls the upper airflow) to unscrew. I’m hesitant to get too rough with it and damage it so I figured I’d ask if anyone else has had this problem and if there’s some trick to getting it loose? It’s like someone screwed it in as tight as they possibly could before packaging it.

Can someone tell me which way it unscrews (to remove it from the top cap) IF you’re looking down on it from the top/drip tip side? I’ve been assuming a counter-clockwise rotation, of the little bit (of delrin) that sticks out of the top cap, will loosen it and eventually it’ll come loose and drop out of the bottom of the top cap. Is this correct?

:confused:Any help would sure be appreciated!

Anyone own a Fat Snow Wolf? Battery question.

I really want one. Idk why exactly I just do. I think they’re friggin cool looking, so yeah. Anyway, I know that they come stock with 2 or 3 different positive pins, which makes for terrible (practically nonexistent) battery rattle adjustment. If someone owns one and has found a battery/atomizer combination that has that satisfying perfect fit, could you share your experiences? I’m more interested in which battery you’ve found that fits well, as that’s the real issue. I’d rather buy a slightly longer battery and then use the majority of my RDA’s than get one that’s a little too short and then only be able to use my Tugboat v2 or maybe my Tobh. Thanks in advance for reading and/or commenting!

Anti tobacco fanatics going for alcohol now too.

Watch out: the anti-smoking fanatics now want to regulate drinking – Telegraph

Too damn funny. A prohibitionist by any other name… They just can’t help themselves, always gotta be peeking out the window worried about what other people are doing. It must suck to have a brain that works like that. They should medicate ’em to soothe their meddling/suffering.


This body informed peers that drinking should be subject to many of the same prohibitions as smoking.

It is demanding legislation to impose new restraints on marketing alcoholic drinks, an end to sponsorship of sport by drinks companies, and a blanket ban on representatives from the drinks industry attending meetings civil servants.

It is tempting to dismiss these demands as preposterous. This would be most unwise. The anti-smoking lobby has proved extremely effective in recent years – and its most recent success is the announcement of the closure of the JTI Gallaher plant in Northern Ireland, resulting in the loss of more than 800 jobs.

A bunch of questions

Hello fellow Vapers! Ive been in the vaping world since April, and I’ve learned quite a bit. But I was on and off because I could NOT find my E-<a href="”>juice… ive had a little more luck lately, and im getting back into vaping.

Now rebuildables are starting to seem fun to me, and im starting to get a better grasp on how vaping works,and not just "YOU PRESS THIS BUTTON AND IT HEATS IT UP"

I’ve watched a bunch of tutorials on YouTube / read posts on here /etc and Ive learned so much. BUT after all this research and learning I have new questions now….. so here they are, hopefully some of the smarter people can help me out here 😛

I just ordered a VAMO V6, and I got an EFEST 18650 (1600mah) battery. How does the whole wattage/voltage thing work? From what I’ve learned, I should adjust by watts??? and the battery is only 3.7v so can that push out 20w?

~If I build an RDA, will I have to keep taking off the top and dripping onto the cotton directly? or can I drip thru the top? (Trident V2)
~I heard I should NOT vape nicotine on an RDA, like it will kill you o,o Is this true? or is it just stronger on an RDA?z
~whats the difference between Gages? like 32 and 28 gage canthol?
~can I use a lighter to burn the cantol? or do I NEED to use a torch?????
~whats the diffrence between Nichrome and Kanthol? are both safe for vaping use?
~what kind of wire does kanger use?