Great NY times article exposes what BT is REALLY trying to do.…_r=0&referrer=
This is probably the best mainstream article I’ve read on vaping yet. Could it be? People are actually starting to see through BT‘s war on the real e-cig industry and as a result, seeing through the ANTZ as well? BT‘s plan to give e-cigs a bad rap on purpose (The TV commercials for Blu for example are obviously ANTZ bait) is going to backfire at them with more articles like this!

The Steam Co – 5 reviews

I ordered 5 flavors recently from The Steam Co ( All their e<a href="”>liquids come 50/50 pg/vg, in 10ml or 30ml size ranging from $6.99 for 10ml to $13.99 for 30ml. The "Reserve" flavors and seasonals start at $19.99 for 30ml. Shipping is prompt and their standard e<a href="”>liquids arrive in black child-proof PET bottles which are great for keeping out light but hard to see exactly how much <a href="”>juice you have left unless you hold it up to a light. The Reserves are in dark glass bottles with glass drippers. This company ships pretty quickly and the <a href="”>juice is pre-steeped with a "born on" date clearly visible on the label. No weird chemical tastes that I detected in any of the flavors I purchased. I vaped the following flavors at 12mg in Anyvape Davide tanks, a Lemo and a Kayfun.

Merlyn’s Bow – this has been likened as a Five Pawns Grandmaster type e<a href="”>liquid by reviewers and composition-wise it should be close; however, whereas Grandmaster has peanut butter flavor up front balanced with banana, cream and caramel, I find Merlyn’s Bow to be a creamy banana with light hints of what might be caramel undertones. I don’t pick up on the peanut butter aspect so I personally wouldn’t compare the two. I would recommend Merlyn’s Bow if you are looking for a Banana Cream vape with warm undertones. It IS a good flavor and I would re-order it.

The Gentleman’s Reserve – If you’re familiar with Five Pawns Castle Long (mixology version, not the reserve version) but wish it had more coconut taste, you may just love this one! The coconut, almond and vanilla are in the forefront and very well balanced with a light bourbon taste. I would highly recommend this one to CL lovers who can’t afford to vape it all the time (like me). In it’s own right, The Gentleman’s Reserve is a great tasting vape.

Waffles! – This is a waffle, syrup and strawberry blend. I like it and will probably reorder at some point because I like their particular blend of strawberry and waffles – it’s not just an overpowering strawberry flavor with a little waffle mixed in. Nice balance.

Moment 37 – A really good apple and oatmeal blend. I find the apples and cinnamon flavors give a nice slight tartness which is quickly mellowed with a milky oatmeal warm flavor. Very well balanced – you taste all flavors of this blend distinctly yet it’s not an ‘in your face’ type vape. Very flavorful yet subtle.

Sean Lepreconnery – Described as Irish Cream, bourbon and caramel. I like this one, though I don’t taste each flavor as distinctly as some of the other blends. It is an Irish cream with a twist, tho, so if you’re an Irish cream fan but want one that’s unique, you might want to try this one.

I don’t believe you find many coupons with this vendor, but it never hurts to call and ask for a code 😉

new member

Hello all new vapor here from Indiana. Just started vaping a month or so ago and have been analog free ever since. My one and only current setup is a kryptonite KSS mod with a patriot V2 RDA and I couldn’t be happier with it.
Glad to be hear

Frustrated – need help please

I’m currently starting my third try vaping.
3 years ago, I bought a ego kit from one of the mall type kiosks that popped up about that time. The <a href="”>liquid I had make me choke and cough uncontrollably.

Found some better <a href="”>juice, really cut down the coughing. Didn’t give me enough uumph to quit the cigs.

One year later, bought a variable volt ego with a cartomizer. Bought two actually. My g/f who is now my wife, quit cigs immediatly and never looked back. 3 months later, she stopped vaping as well.

I just felt like I never had enough nicotene from either of these methods to put them down. I’m a stress smoker, and I stress ALOT. When the need for a smoke hits me, I need instant gratification. Not sitting around for 10-15 minutes puffing an ecig, hoping I can get enough nic in my blood to calm me down.

Last week, I picked up a panzer mech mod and a tugboat atty.

Got it second hand. Did my research before buying it and thought, this thing hits hard enough to give me what I need.

Bought all the things I needed to safely run a mech (lots of reading on here helped, as well as a really cool owner in a local shop)

This setup was currently running at .8 ohms on a good battery. Got it loaded up with the <a href="”>juice that I’ve always enjoyed from Good Life Vapor and was still coughing and choking some. After a few days of this, I decided to back it down to just one coil.

I made my own coil, currently running about 1.4 ohms. Hits a bit better now, still doesn’t really satisfy my need for nic unless I’m constantly puffing on it. Only an occasional light single cough. Also running both ait holes open in the tugboat. I guess I kinda like the airy hit for now? Seems easier to vape at this point.

I have 12mg <a href="”>juice on hand. That what was recommended to me before and that is what I had left over from a couple years ago. Was told that when ppl go mech, they usually cut their nic levels.

I’m wondering if I need to RAISE my nic levels.

Will a higher nic level make me cough more?

I’m kinda at a loss here, I really really need to put down the analog smoke. I need to make this work somehow and would love it if someone could push me in the right direction.

Any guidence here is much appreciated.


Just posting to say hi! I have been reading the forums for a few weeks and got lots of great information. I started vaping and have been tobacco free since February 9, 2013….I will never go back! Finally bit the bullet and bought the mvp this weekend…sooo happy…wouldn’t have even known to look for it without you all. Thanks 🙂

Grand #3 :) HAPPY DANC3!!!

I don’t post often here, but had to share. I’m ashamed of myself for waiting so long to get an lp. It’s a copper vein. Forgot to pick up clear coat, so it’s wearing a layer of revlon diamond top coat.:unsure: Absolutely love it. Sara
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