Help first M16 MOD w/nimbus atomizer. vaping feel burnning in throat not smooth as my evod kanger tech 2?

Hi ive been vaping for about two weeks now. I only vape 0mg due to i dont want to get nicotine in my system.
I use the Kangertech evod pro 2. Its very easy to use and clean and maintain.
Currently I bought a M16 grandvapor with 18650 battery mod. I then used the nimbus clone.
I used the mod for the very first time. i took off the nimbus cover and toggled the trigger button a couple of times to see if it works. The both coils seem to work good and it has a mini looking rope in between the coils.
I used a e <a href="”>juice that i just bought. I toggled it again. the smoke seems to vape alot. For a while i see the burning red in the coils. I put again some e <a href="”>liquid and it seems to fire there was a flame lit up? what the heck?
i did toggle the switch until it looked like it smokes up good?

Okay I installed the cover and then I vaped the smoke. feels very hard and i feel weird to my throat lungs idk?
I felt my throat was very hard harsh with smoke when i inhalled. It felt like I inhaled burnt smoke unlike a smooth vape inhale with my kanger tech evod pro 2?
how does these bigger m16 mods works? i used the kangertech evod pro 2 again with the same e <a href="”>liquid feels much smoother without anyburnt feeling in my throat.

did i setup my mod wrong? how much <a href="”>liquid do i need to put inside the nimbus? w/the heck is wrong with this thing? lol sorry im a noob,
please help me did i do something wrong?
ive spent more on my new mod….

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