Kayfun lite+ v2 lover, but what’s next?

I currently have 2 and I love them. Gotten decent at rebuilding (although my cotton usage/wicking needs some work). But i’m wondering to myself, "what’s next?"

Is there something out there thats more "flavor swappable"? I often wish it was easier to swap flavors before the tank runs low.

I have tried a dripper but didn’t like it although I was using a crappy tobeco tobh clone.

Any suggestions? Flavor is most important to me

Finally part of the family, now lemme see those builds!

<img src="http://thevapestorecapecoral.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cache/2fc6cc8f1e_egabe7yp.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”” />
Yay for my first REO! Got it off the classifieds and it came with an RM2. So far, I’m not getting a super flavorful vape, just seems a little muted. Using a 30g micro coil at 1.2ohms. Using rayon with small tales on the base. Anyone have info and pics of builds they’re using for their RM2? Thanks!

ud aga-td setup

I’m using a dovpo e-lvt w/ my aga-td but can only get single coil to fire? I’m using 28g kanthal and microcoils but I’ve tried 15 wraps & only get 2.2ohms on one coil…if doubled it cuts in half! Any suggestions? Thanks

New to the forum

Like the title says I am new here although I have been a "lurker" for quite some time. Been vaping and off the cigs for two years this September (20 year smoker) and no urge to go back. Just wanted to sign up for any questions I may have for the new field I have entered. Rebuildables. Recently picked up a 4nine clone with a Stillare clone on top. Absolutely love it. Also more recently picked up a Kayfun 3.1 clone. Absolutely hate it. More than likely because I am still learning on it lol. Anywho, looking forward to learning more and getting tips and tricks and reviews from this fine forum

What is the best build you have used over 1 ohm?

Hi everyone!

I am a fairly experienced vaper. I rebuild on several devices Kayfun, TOBH, Patriot, Etc. The mods I am using are a Zen Mechanical and a ZNA as well as a 26650 Panzer. After talking with some experienced vapers I am going to try to steer away from sub ohming on my drippers, but I want to still get big flavorful clouds on a higher ohm build to reduce the heat in my vape. What build and what type of coils have you used that would work to achieve my goals. I am using 32ga or 28ga kanthal with 8-12 wraps. Getting decent vapor and flavor, but I want more! I have experimented with parallel and braided coils, but I am not yet a pro. What do your pros recommend?

Kanthal Build Cheatsheet

Just a little something I thought would be helpful to share. It’s a little cheatsheet I made in notepad to help me have easy access to values and formulas =)

Authored by JesterBaze

OHM’s Law:

V = Voltage
R = Resistance
I = Current

The formula:
V = R*I –Solving Voltage
R = V/I –Solving Resistance
I = V/R –Solving Current

Wire resistance values:

AWG 20: Low Resistance (0.07 ohms/inch)
AWG 22: Low Resistance (0.11 ohms/inch)
AWG 24: Low Resistance (0.175 ohms/inch)
AWG 26: Low Resistance (0.28 ohms/inch)
AWG 28: Low – Standard Resistance (0.44 ohms/inch)
AWG 30: Low – Standard Resistance (0.70 ohms/ inch)
AWG 32: Low – Standard Resistance (1.1 ohms/ inch)
AWG 33: Low – Standard – High Resistance (1.39 ohms/inch)
AWG 34: Standard – High Resistance (1.76 ohms/inch)

Dual coil = Resistance / 2

Quad = resistance / 4

Single = No math



Ohm per inch = R |
total Ohms = P |
length in inches = L |

Single Coil
P = R*L –Solving for Total Ohms
R = P/L –Solving for Ohms per inch
L = R/P –Solving for length in inches

Dual Coil
(Ohm per inch * Length in inches) / 2 = Total Ohms
(Ohm Total * Length in Inches)*2 = Resistance
(Ohm Total / Ohm per inch)*2 = Length

P = (R*L)/2 –Solving for Total Ohms
R = (P*L)*2 –Solving for Ohms per inch
L = (P/R)*2 –Solving for length in inches

Quad Coil
(Ohm per inch * Length in inches) / 4 = Total Ohms
(Ohm Total * Length in Inches)*4 = Resistance
(Ohm Total / Ohm per inch)*4 = Length

P = (R*L)/4 –Solving for Total Ohms
R = (P*L)*4 –Solving for Ohms per inch
L = (P/R)*4 –Solving for length in inches