Counterfeit protank 3 and coils

Hey guys and gals. I wasn’t sure where to post this so figured this was a good place.
I picked up a protank 3 today from a vape shop I found a few block from my apt. I had asked the guy if it was authentic and he honestly said he wasn’t sure. He mainly deals in RDA’s and doesn’t know a lot about tanks. I bought it anyway with his assurance if I had issues to return it.
So I got it home and checked the code. I get an error invalid code when checking. Also the performance was bad. I was thinking the coils didn’t seem right. The posts are non existent. Thought maybe it was because they were 2.0ohm and I’ve been used to 1.5 and 1.6. Anyway I swapped the coil from my pt3 mini and the it vapes real nice. I had him drill out the air holes so its a nice draw.
So just wondering if anyone has seen these coils? I may just keep this and buy new coils. I’m figuring its counterfeit because even the logo doesn’t line up.
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