how’s this set up for a newb?

Hello vapers! I’m new to the vaping community, I smoked a few of my friends mechanical mod and got hooked, hoping to quit smoking analog cigarettes currently, this seems to be doing the trick!
Just a few questions, as in what is the weak point of my build or do you guys have any suggestions for my build?
Got a good deal on this from a buddy
Authentic 4nine mod
Igo-w rda
Unknown drip tip
Nano dragon dual coil, I believe my friend wired it for somewhere around 0.8-1 ohm
Efest 18650 35a 2500mah battery

What ohms ???

I finally learned how to rebuild my coils inmy pyrex aro 2 tanks and kanger mini today and how to wick them. But myquestion is what doi want the ohms to read? Most of them arereading 2.3 but I thought they needed fo be 1,8 or 2.0? I am using 32 guage and wrappin about 4-5wraps. Can someone loews point me to the right way.

No Nic color?

I’ve had many bottles of e-<a href="”>juice and I use around 14mg of nicotine in my <a href="”>juice now. I bought some a straight menthol e <a href="”>juice from a company online and it is crystal clear. Tastes like menthol but all of my other <a href="”>juices get that yellowish tint to them after even a day or so, well this has been a couple weeks and it is still clear. My guess is they forgot to add the nicotine, even though the bottle is labeled 12mg and when I use it for a few hours, I don’t feel like it satisfies any cravings. I’ve been smoke free for a few months now but I’m not over the nicotine habit. I’m def not going back but the thought has crept up in my brain way more than before, after using the clear <a href="”>juice.

Anyone else ever have this issue? 😡

I’m sure I should contact the company and let them know, but because it is labeled as such I’m worried it will just be a my word against theirs, but I guess it never hurts to ask. Especially if I didn’t get what I paid for.


Do any of you know where to get 15ml and 30ml plastic bottles with tips? I have looked and they are all different. I boggles my mind so if anyone has a place please list them.
Thank you ahead for any help.

Nicotine question and what makes a premium juice?

Hello! Been a long time since I’ve posted. I’ve used the same WL and MFS nic for over a year (may have been a bad idea but I’m still here so whatevah), and am up for another round of ordering. I wanted to combine my two questions in order to keep thread pollution to a minimum! Especially since they probably both get asked a lot.

Question one! Where do you buy your nic from? I tried to peruse the nic comparison thread but it just seems to go in phases and while there may be some value discussion, it seems quite buried. Therefore I’m curious who peoples number one vendor is. I’d like to go with Wizard labs again because they are so cheap, but I remember quite an off-putting smell and a seemingly strong flavor from it. I think myfreedomsmokes were the other vendor I ordered from and their nic was just fine, but I’m still curious about the best value since that is what’s driving me back to <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_42.html”>diy.

Question two! I am, quite frankly, addicted to several premium brands. My thing is, though… I feel that it was just a fad made popular in B&M’s. There’s the house <a href="”>juice, and then there’s this premium stuff that gets put on a pedestal because most house <a href="”>juices are just people taking recipes from here and there, half … diluting them, and slapping a ….ty label on. Premium <a href="”>juice, however, seems to be well made and well mixed. Probably from folks who did their research and found out what makes great vapor and what tastes best. I guess my overall question for this terribly confusing paragraph is… What flavor vendors are people using? TFA, from my experience, was really the best in terms of great straightforward fruits and such. Notsomuch for tobaccos, but I can’t vape those anymore anyway. That also leads me to the realization that I’ve only tried TFA and ….ty chinese super concentrated <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_42.html”>diy fruit flavors, both of which I enjoyed.

Sorry for the long read, I kinda just spew thoughts as text. In case of TL:DR, read bold/underlined/italics

Innokin VTR firing issue

IMy brother gave me an iTazte VTR today as he has gotten into mechanical mods. He told me it had some issues but still works w some hassling. It seems that sometimes when you attatch a tank to the mod it won’t fire ( and green light stays on for a few secs ). If I wiggle or move the tank around a bit, it will fire. Not complaining as it was a free mod. But I would like to use it along side my MVP. So, anyone heard of this issue and is it fixeable? Thanks in advanced everyone. I appreciate any insight.

Faulty Tank or Faulty Human?

Hi I’m new here and have a question, maybe more. I have been using the ecig for 4 weeks and have not looked back. My problem is with a Mini ProTank. With about every other refill the <a href="”>juice gets down on the battery connecter, comes up thru the mouth piece. I have the <a href="”>juice all over. The place where purchased replaced the tank with another of the same. Worked fine once, then started doing the same asa the first tank. I returned to the store with it and the assis. manager tryed getting the same outcome. After trying cleaning and putting in a new coil unit, sent me on my way happy once more.>>>>>Not for long, one day later and I am still having the same issues. Hate to go back to the store, feel like a complainer, but am not happy with the product. Am I doing something wrong?Somebody please tell me where I am going wrong.:unsure: sloopy