Recipe for Dark Honey Tobacco juice?

I am in love with Aroma’s Dark Honey Tobacco and, at the rate I’m vaping this stuff, it’s going to get expensive really quickly. I am in the process of gathering up stuff to <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_42.html”>diy and I was wondering if anyone might possibly know what Honey flavoring and which Tobacco flavorings could replicate this?

Thanks so much!

Fixed my Magma right. New brass ring with no fiddling.

The stock afc ring drove me nuts with trying to line up the holes, always getting mixed up when taking off the cap and single/dual holes blah blah. If you have a Magma, you know what I mean. So I took a brass lock ring form a nemesis clone, sanded it down on a belt sander and drilled out two 3mm holes opposite each other. The ring has a little slop around the interior when sitting on the atty so I popped a couple o-rings underneath and above the airholes and they sit nicely in the threads that were on the lock ring. Best part is it stays put when I take the cap off to <a href="”>juice up. If I need less air flow i can jus rotate and close off part of the hole rather than try to line up the jumbled up mess of holes that came on the stock afc ring. Also it sits flush and looks sick paired up with the brass on the Terra mod.
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Suggestions where to go from herr

I am sure this has been asked before and i am sorry asking again. Tried to search a thread I seen before that asked what would you do different If you would know everything back then than you know now but I cant find it… I really like my kanger protanks. I have 3 and the 3 mini but i would like to upgrade the rest of it.. I have vision spinner and ego vv3 mega batteries and while they work fantastic i am getting tired of charging them so often. I am new to this and vape a lot to fight the urges to go back to analogs. Really dont want to!

The question is what would be the next step upgrade from spinner/ego vv3 that could take the heavy vaping.

The outer appearance is not important. Could not do without VV and budged says between $50-70. Also would like to be able use my protanks with it.

Sorry i am all new to this and definitely not much od <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_42.html”>diy person

Thank you in advance


Inawera Virginia Tobacco has floaties in it?

has anyone else who’s tried this find little bits of debris in theirs?

I have several other flavors from Inawera that all look clean and clear(some are dark and some are lighter or clear but the Virginia is the only one with floaties in it), so I’m guessing this was just a bad batch. Haven’t even opened it.

Otherwise, I’m super excited to try all the flavors I got, Dark tobacco and Dark Fire especially 😀

Quick thoughts on Seattle Vapor Co’s Seattle Barrel Reserve

Seattle Barrel Reserve – Seattle Vapor Co

I am a sucker for oak barrel steeped bourbon e<a href="”>liquids, so when I saw this I had to try it.

I have been vaping it for 24 hours now and here are my quick impressions.

It is very light overall, not in your face as I would expect from an oak barrel steeped bourbon e<a href="”>liquid. The caramel is by far the dominate flavor, with a just barely distinguishable hazelnut exhale. The caramel crushes everything else making them indistinguishable flavors in the background. I do not pick up the bourbon which is what I would assume would be the dominate flavor. Also I do not taste any hint of oak in this. If it has been steeped in an oak barrel I sure cannot tell.

For what it is advertised as, a smooth Kentucky Bourbon with vanilla, hazelnut, and caramel with hints of vanilla bean, steeped in oak barrel for 2 1/2 weeks, it’s pretty poor.

For a caramel vape that is pretty smooth and light, it’s pretty good which it’s not being billed as.

Overall, I give it a 2/5. While it is a nice caramel flavor, and not a bad vape, it is not what I would expect from an oak steeped bourbon e<a href="”>liquid. Especially for the price.

Mixing my own e liquid checklist

I have read the guides on multiple forums and would like you guys to help me double check before I order (almost all from madvapes simply because I have used them before and trust them)

Luer Lock 21 gauge needle (I know they recomend larger ones but this is the only one they sell and its only $1)

5ml Luer Lock Syringe

5x 5ml bottle with drip tip

3x 50ml bottle with drip tip

5x 10ml bottle with drip tip

4oz bottle of VG

4oz bottle of PG

The other place I could use recommendations on is a place to get extracts from. Madvapes is out of stock on almost all of their extracts and I was hoping to mix my own. I know you can dilute pre mixed versions but then if I was doing that wouldn’t it just be more cost effective to buy them alone? Since its not really the nicotine level I am wanting adjusted but rather that this is cheaper in the long run.

Thanks ahead of time and let me know what to add/remove and your recomendations.

4/27-5/4 Ginger’s Running Give-A-Way

The Vapor Room

Ginger’s USA Blends Give A-Way 4/27-5/4

It’s easy…. Every week one person will win a free 15ml!
Only one post per person. You will not be eligible if you post more than once.

Post and list what flavor, strength, and ratio you would like from our flavor list.
<a href="<a href="”>liquid-1010.html” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>HERE to view our flavor list.

3/31 Winner: spartanstew
4/6 Winner: babby72
4/13 Winner: MikeNice81
4/20 Winner: mogium
4/27 Winner: TheProphet

We will randomly choose ONE from the number of posts in this thread. Winners will be chosen every Sunday around 9PM EST!

Winners will be posted on this thread as well as contacted via PM on the forum for shipping information.

Thanks for taking part and Happy Vaping!
Josh and Jess

Going Nano | KFL+

I have a nano kit on the way. For folks who have already used one, what does shortening the chimney do to the vape?

Seems like it would be hotter & the occasional <a href="”>juice pop might find it’s way up the tip (which already happens sometimes on my russian/kf).

What about flavor & vapor production? Any other cons? Or pros?

aspire coil issues

Hello all. I’m fairly new to vaping. I have been without an analog for approx. 1 month. Yea me! Started vaping with my ce5 clearomizer with 18mg nic with menthol <a href="”>liquid. Swapped to an aspire bdc clearomizer and fell in love. Great vape. Great throat hit. All was well until I needed to change the coil. Since then I have had to change the coil daily. They just stop producing. I can hear it firing. Coil doesnt apeear gunked up. I cant get it to pull at all unless I suck my brains out to get a small puff. Connects arent too tight. No leaking issues. Even went and bought a new tank with the same issues. All coils are properly primed. I do tend to chain vape but will occasionally dry pull to alleviate dry hits/burnt taste. I’m heart broken and cant seem to fix this. I’ve bought out tanks but want my aspire! Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.