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"Vapor Production" – a double-edged sword?

Have you ever noticed that when you see PVDs referenced in the media (or advertised, for that matter) … what you generally see is an attractive woman, who is exhaling large quantities of vapor?

Do you watch VPLIVE (or other vaper vids) on YouTube? Same deal, right? We vapers simply adore vapor! It’s a fact. That’s a big part of what makes vaping fun & satisfying, and it may be why so many of us have quit or vastly reduced our use of analogs (YAY!!). It may also explain why nicotine inhalers are so much less effective as HRT (or cessation therapy) – no VG, no vapor!

But the "dark side" may be this …

1) Undecided non-smokers/non-vapers may view high vapor production with a certain amount of fear/trepidation. What’s in that stuff? Could it be dangerous, since it comes from a "e-ciggarette? It’s the fear of the unknown (presumably they might not like it, if it came from tobacco burning. But what’s the difference? They don’t know.)

2) ANTZ have their own form of "vapor production" – except it’s a kind of fear production. They stoke the fires of terror with these very same photos.

No advocacy here … I’m not suggesting that there’s anything intrinsically wrong with vapor production, so please don’t think otherwise.

I’m merely offering this observation as a request for your thoughts?

Scary anxeity and I don’t know why…

I been vaping since 2009 because I would be an off and on smoker due to all the stresses life can bring us. Vaping has changed my life for the better and allow me to enjoy life and keep nicotine a part of it (Much like coffee drinkers enjoying their caffeine). Recently however something has reared that’s been affecting my life so badly that I can’t help but think I am dying or close to death that any day I will pass away and the cause will be unknown. Of course I’m talking about Anxiety. Now it’s strange. Mainly people who have anxiety claim their heart beat is what causes them to panic. My situation is far different it’s more of a "head" sensation. See what happens when I vape I get a burning sensation on the sides of my head to the dome of it. These issues would happen when I smoked Tobacco cigarettes back when I was 16…it was so bad I had to quit.

I had my heart checked and it appears fine but I haven’t had blood test or an MRI done in sometime because don’t have the insurance,doctor or money to get those checked out. When having these sensations I feel like I am being sucked out of reality or I am at the brink of oblivion and it’s a SCARY sensation. I NEVER had these feelings with e-cigs before. Was at 18 mg and I usually vape about 5 puffs every 20-40 mins Now vaping 12 mg and STILL getting those nasty feelings. I would hate to give up vaping but it looks like it’s something I may have to do. what do you guys think…Should I give up nicotine altogether? Withdrawl makes it worse (having quit cigarettes I know all too well about that). As I stated I vaped for years with no problem or issues but now it’s affecting me in a way that I can’t enjoy e-cigs,life or anything and it’s frustrating to feel like this everyday, It’s not the attack that’s troublesome but the symptoms. Thoughts?

eGo battery life

My apologies if this is somewhere else, I only went thru 5 pages.:oops:

I have 5 ego knockoffs, 900mah, 1100mah and 3-1300mah.

Here’s the kicker, at best, 5.5 hrs of charge. Now understand, I’m a chain vaper. If I’m awake, I’m vaping!:laugh:

As I understand it, the 1300mah are supposed to be like 10-12 hrs charge. Is that just sitting there or actual use?

By the end of the day, 4 out of 5 are on chargers, some being charged for the 2nd time that day. Do I need to consider a mod with a battery with longer life? I really love my ego‘s, they’re small, easily handled, light weight, etc, they come in all colors and I like that. I’ve no interest in buying something else, but I really want something that will last longer.

Any suggestions or opinions would be appreciated.


Help with Nemesis clone

I recently purchased what I thought was a HCigar Nemesis clone from a vape shop in San Diego. I also picked up a Kayfun Lite clone from the same shop. I removed the atomizer from my mod to refill it and as I was screwing it back on I pulled the threads out of the mod. W.T.F!?!? I was looking at the box that it came in and it has the train logo on the top left and says "Nemesis" underneath it. I was under the impression that the HCigar clones have "HCigar" printed on them where mine says "Nemesis". I didn’t pay attention as I was buying it, like a dunce. Does it sound like I got a Chinese knockoff instead of an HCigar knockoff? Where can I get the replacement part with the top threads? Please help, I am stuck on the road for work and am without anyway to vape, I really don’t want to breakdown and get a pack of analogs after 6 months of being smoke free…

Equipment Suggestion

I’m trying to help a friend in finding his place in the land of vaping. He went to a B&M and purchased a Smok Tech 900mAh ego RBC Kit.

He uses disposable clearos on them because he doesn’t want to have to deal with changing coils/cleaning tanks. The two batteries that came with this kit are now broken 3 weeks into vaping and I can tell that he’s going to throw in the towel and go right back to smoking 2PAD.

Aside from the Provari Mini, is there anything else I can suggest to him that uses separate rechargeable batteries while also maintaining a low profile/size and is low maintenance? I think he’s just too rough on these ego/twists/spinners for it to be a long term solution.

Thanks in advance!

Hybrid v3 Safety Issue

<img src="http://thevapestorecapecoral.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cache/74af0bb5fe_ygyneseg.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”” />
<img src="http://thevapestorecapecoral.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cache/74af0bb5fe_y3epyva4.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”” />

Bought my wife the v3 a few weeks ago to help her transition into rebuildables. She has had a a few complaints about some hits tasting like plastic. After disassembling and trying to find any sign of burnt plastic I came up completely stumped. Finally tonight while I was refilling the tank with fluid I realized that her center negative terminal was showing signs of plastic that had become to hot. When I pulled it apart the other day I didn’t realize that it is a pice of plastic with metal threads shoved down in the center. When she is at anything below 2 ohms the center terminal is starting to cook and was inhaling the burning plastic.
Big enough of an issue to me that I wanted to post it in case anyone uses one of these or knows anyone who does. Definitely an unsafe design flaw.

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Protank Mini crazy hits: UPDATE

For those who wanted a follow up on my last thread

<a href="!516154!http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/new-members-forum/516154-new-mini-protank-hits-crazy.html” target=”_blank”>http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/for…its-crazy.html

So after trying many fixes everyone started to think it could be the PG in my <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>liquid. Well my old <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>liquid finally did start to hit like normal, I had to warm up the coils for some reason with a few big draws (didnt inhale, just kept in my mouth so I didnt hack my brains out) and finally it started hitting like normal. But never heard of having to do a few warm up draws.
Now my new <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>liquid just came in, dry burned my coils to clean it, now it works like a champ!! :toast:
I have 4 new flavors, cracked up my watermelon first (10PG/90VG) and it hits so good! Now I’m so excited to vape, its like a whole new experience. Finally got a good setup!

Thanks for all of your help, this community is so helpful.

Happy Vaping!!! :vapor::2cool:

Second mech mod. I’m going in!

I purchased my second mechanical mod today. I’m mainly looking to go dual coil on it from about .6 – .8 ohms. I’m not really looking to push it much as my main devise is a provari and wouldn’t be able to fire these types of builds. Dual coil, micro coils at about 1.4 seemed to take way too long to heat up and give me a good vape so figured this was the way to go.

I purchased 2, Sony 30A batteries to go along with this.

I currently have the tenergy charger that sells on provape.

I will be able to test the coils on the provari but would be buying a multimeter the day of (when everything arrives)

I’ve read the recommended reading/threads here to be pretty confident I won’t have any issues. Is there anything else I should keep in mind, aside from testing my batteries every 1 to 2 hours for voltage drop, etc?

What do you mean by electronic cigarrete

Most of the people know about electronic cigarette but dunno the exact meaning of it. Actually its a cigarette its a cigarette basically for those people who wants to quit smoking and if you wanna quit smoking then you can try this but if you are not a smoker then you have no need to use it because no smoking is much much better than habit of e-cigarette.