finally posting

I have been a member for the last 6 months and have never made a post. Well I stopped smoking the nasty traditional on July 15, 2013. Started with the the crappy BLU, then an NJOY, said screw that got an ego T then bought an AnyVape VV/VW with a AGA T2 atty. That VV/VW mod sucked, wires to the top cap broke off and could not fix it. So I bought a Grand Vapor Sentinel, and got another atty, the IGO W4. I started with a nic level of 24mg now down to 6mg <a href="”>liquid. Today I am in process of trying to open my own online e cig shop. I have done the homework, know the pitfalls, have appointment on Feb 11 to talk to my local SBA, and talk to someone with them that works with veterans. Looking to launch within the next month.

Keep your head in the CLOUD:vapor:

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