Forum Member & Vendor Rules Rules for Registered Members

Please Note: All users (members & vendors) are subject to all rules.

• Be kind, courteous, and respectful of the thoughts and opinions of others. Any type of harassment in strictly forbidden including but not limited to defamation, insults, racial or ethnic slurs, excessive derogatory language, or anything that could be considered hurtful or offensive. You will be banned immediately and permanently.

• You can quote and provide web-links to news articles, please do your best to credit the author of copied information. Web-links to other forums or e-commerce websites are strictly forbidden and you will be banned. This includes links to any type of video advertisements.

• NO UNAUTHORIZED ADVERTISEMENTS, PERIOD. Web-links or blatant advertisements will be edited or deleted. Repeat offenders will be ban, permanently. No exceptions. If you want to advertise any kind of product or service, please contact admin via

• NO SPAM. Spam = Ban, period.

• No solicitation via the private message system. You will be permanently ban.

• You may post reviews of a company, brand, product, or service as topic of discussion to learn of similar experiences from other members; however, negative reviews must be substantiated with undeniable proof and they must not be derogatory or libel. Those found to make unsubstantiated claims, positive or negative; will be banned immediately and permanently. Rules for Vendors

Please Note: All users (members & vendors) are subject to all rules.

In an effort to keep this site free of spam and shameless advertisement from random vendors we ask that you abide by the following:

• No solicitation of any kind through the private message system is allowed unless directly requested by a member. You will be banned immediately.

• Vendors may post comments anywhere in the forum; however, they are NOT allowed to advertise or post web-links within those posts. Their signature is their advertisement. Regular members do not have signature capability.

• Vendors are NOT allowed to make off-topic, irrelevant, useless, or spam posts just to get their signature noticed. Those posts will be deleted and repeat offenders will be ban.

• Vendors may reply to any thread or post by a member that is directed at their brand or company. DO NOT be confrontational. If there are unsubstantiated, defamatory posts please notify admin.

• Vendors may only use attachments in posts within their own forum.

• Vendors do not have restrictions as to what may be used within their signature; however, admin may require changes to a signature if deemed excessive or too large. Please no billboards.

DO NOT post negative material of any kind about other vendors, brands, products, services, or members.

• Vendors are NOT allowed to post in another vendor’s forum without written permission from that vendor. Admin must be notified of such granted permission by the grantor.

• Third party promotions are NOT allowed. You and the third party will be ban.

• You may only have one username. If you are found to have multiple usernames, directly or associated, they will be deleted and you will be ban.

• Vendors with a forum are responsible for the moderation of content within that forum. Admin has the right to moderate this forum, in any fashion, at its discretion, at any time.

• Vendors can write reviews of their own products in their own forum. Vendors are NOT allowed to write reviews of other vendors’ products.

Want to become an Registered Vendor?
• If you wish to promote a company, brand, product, or service you must first contact site administration at to disclose your intent and discuss options.

• Once an option is chosen; submit your option choice and website for review. During the review process all aspects of your website will be examined including but not limited to products, services, terms & conditions, return/refund/exchange policies, privacy policy, shipping policy, contact information, etc.

• We will review your site as quickly as possible; however, there is no time table for review.

• If we do not find your website to be to our satisfaction for any reason; you will not be approved. We are not obligated to provide you with a reason for decline.

• You are billed monthly (non-recurring) from the active date of the current month to the active date of the successive month. For example, if your advertisement starts on January 15th, 2014, it will end February 15th 2014. You are not required to renew. There are no refunds for any reason, banned or otherwise.

site Inquiries & Feedback
Rules evolve and update based on the best course of action for the forum as whole and may change at any time without notice. Advertisements, threads, posts, forums, signatures or anything related to a banned member may be edited, closed, or removed at our discretion. Permanently banned vendors may be re-instated for a re-instatement fee (pending resolution of ban), at our discretion.

All site feedback must be directed to the forum admin. Please refrain from opening threads or posting in any of the forums to file a complaint or provide a suggestion. If you’re unsure how members or admin will react to something you are going to post, please ask admin first. Admin will handle all inquiries as they see fit and in the best interest of the forum as a whole. All inquiries relating to the forum, forum rules, or forum members, should be directed to

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