mvp v2

I just ordered a new itaste mvp v2 e cig that includes a charger and an iclear30 clearomizer. I have an iphone 5 and the charger cord included only allows charging off of the mvp for iphone 4 and droids. I was wondering if I would be able to use my iphone 5 cord with the mvp? Also is it safe to charge the mvp using my apple usb to wall converter or will this cause problems? I ask because I have fried 2 of my cords for my old e cig doing this and have been advised to charge using my computer. Does the same rule still apply?

Thanks for any replies!


iTaste SVD still a good product?

Read great things about the MVP here:…vp-review/
But they’re a vendor that sells it so why wouldn’t they say only good things about it? Does anyone have any good or bad personal experiences with using the iTaste MVP? Also, any recommendations on devices in the same price range are welcomed! I heard that the MVP has been out for a while now, my main concern is that something better will come out very soon.


Is the electronic cigarette industry unfairly demonised by the worldwide media?

If you look at the worldwide media today you would be forgiven for assuming that electronic cigarette companies around the world are against further regulation and indeed against medical trials. But is this the reality?

If you take a step back and look at the situation, you will find that the reliable and responsible electronic cigarette companies around the world have no issue with quality controls, no issue with regulations to ensure that electronic cigarettes do not fall into the hands of minors and indeed they have no issue with future medical trials to clear up any rumours with regards to health implications.

Is it fair to say the industry is demonised unfairly?