EC Blend Create-Your-Own Wizard Recipes

Has anyone else used this feature? I’ll be receiving my first batch in a week or so, and I’d like to hear about some great recipes you all have come up with.

Here are the recipes I made, but haven’t tried yet!

Bananas Foster
4o% Banana
2o% Rum
2o% Butter
2o% Brown Sugar

Mayfair [of See’s Candies fame]
35% Maraschino Cherry
2o% Vanilla Bourbon
25% Pecan
2o% Chocolate

Peppered Fig
6o% Fig
3o% Honey
1o% Black Pepper

Apricot Clafoutis
3o% Apricot
3o% Bread Crust
3o% Whipped Cream
1o% Amaretto

Tres Leches Cake
25% Sweet Cream
25% Whipped Cream
3o% Fresh Cream
2o% Rum

Soaked Melon
7o% Honeydew
3o% Amaretti

Tropical Cream
25% Pina Colada
25% Banana Cream
1o% Hazelnut
4o% Bavarian Cream

Cinnamon Toast
4o%Bread Crust
2o% Brown Sugar
2o% Butter
2o% Cinnamon

Coffee Grog [Ever tried the cocktail version?]
4o% Kona Coffee
1o% Chai Tea
2o% Rum
3o% Sweet Cream

Bubble Tea [Or Boba]
45% Earl Grey
2o% Cantaloupe
3o% Fresh Cream
5% Hazelnut

Old Cuban
35% Rum
35% Champagne
15% Lime
15% Spearmint

7o% Bittersweet Chocolate
3o% Apricot

Thai mango with Sticky Rice
3o% Mango
35% Sweet Cream
25% Coconut
1o% Butter

Rum Raisin
5o% Butter Rum
5o% Raisin

Cafe Maria Theresia
5o% Coffee
3o% Orange
2o% Whipped Cream


Brandied Cherry
5o% Brandy
5o% Cherry

So….maybe I got a little carried away. BUT I’d love some tried-and-true recipes to order from them, as I’m not sure how these flavors will turn out yet. Thanks :- ]

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