help with trident rba and ss mortar v2

I am a regular vapor but i have only used the basic ego batteries and a double barrel smoke tek with 2 1.5 cartos. well i decided to step up my level in the vaping world and went all out and ordered the ss mortar v2 and a trident atomizer from the Philippines. well i got my order in today and after about an hour of learning all the different ways you can twist it i hooked up my wicks i ordered online. i put my battery in and dripped <a href="”>juice onto the wick only to get a nasty metaly oil taste and i decided to retry and put a new wick on and same thing. i made sure the coils are spaced out but it seems that when i fire it the coils move closer together. i am at a loss and all the help i can get on how to work this thing propperly will be greatly appreciated. the one thing i want to stick with is a cotton style wick.

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