june vape meet

Hi. My name is Juliet. I work at the ecig crib uptown. I have some news to deliver

"Hi gang…..we’re putting together a last minute meet on Sat June 8th.

It will be held at The Cause…..

Cause Spirits and Soundbar ยป Uptown Minneapolis’ premiere venue for live music, art, food and drink

Also, The ecigcrib uptown ( 3007 Lyndale ave south, Mpls.) will be having a grand opening celebration next door on the same day. There will be GREAT giveaways and good times to have.

The grand opening will be an all day event…..Meet up at The Cause will be when enough folks show up to justify moving next door.

I know this is last minute but please join us for fun and good times.

I hope to see you all there, Steve."

Just in case some of you dont get the e-mails. Hope to see you all there!

I personally can’t go as i’m working next door all day but please come say hi! im the wench with dreadlocks and i look forward to meeting you.

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