Two Pack a day smoker looking for big boy starter kit and website to buy

This e-cig stuff is setup so one needs a degree from MIT to figure it out. I’ve spent the last two weeks looking for a starter kit with big batteries — 1000 mah or higher — and I would like the kanger t3. The sites I found that carry such a starter kit, their sites don’t work, and the sites that work don’t carry a complete setup or their starter kits come with a baby battery — 650 mah.

I’d put together my own kit but I have no idea about what goes with what.

Could someone refer me to a site that can be trusted and has a complete selection of the kanger and/or ego systems, big boy batteries, and the high mg per ml nicotine <a href="”>juice. Or any information on a good setup for a heavy smoker.

I’ve been smoking for 60 years at a rate of two packs a day, I don’t want to quit or cut down it’s just that the smoke from my cigs is killing everyone around me.

Thanks for all your help:confused:

What better to go with my bionic lungs than electronic cigs. lol

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