So tobacco companies are going into the e-cig market

From what I’ve read, they lost a lot of business in the past couple years. I’ve also been reading that some plan on selling e-cigs. Personally I think this will hurt more than it helps. I don’t trust them for a second. I know they will just put out a bunch of cig-a-likes that are poor quality and expensive. This would just give e-cigs a bad name. I’d much prefer they just go bankrupt. What do you guys think of this?

RY4 help needed

I want to get some really good RY4. I get most of my <a href="”>juice from Vapor Station and while their <a href="”>juice is some of the best I have ever had I have been wanting to get an RY4 that was as good as BWB. I was lucky enough to get one bottle of it towards the end of its era and I really liked it. Don’t get my wrong I probably will get most of my stuff from Eric at Vapor Station but would really like to find an RY4 more like BWB. Thanks

Semi-New to vaping… Trying nicotine juices

So i started with little cartomizers and a stick battery like everyone else. I used 0 mg in those carts though. With my recent order of <a href="”>juice for my new ego, i decided to order <a href="”>juice with a bit of nic (12mg). I have some experience with nicotine, i`ve smoked a few cigarettes and i dip on the odd occasion. What should i expect from this 12mg <a href="”>juice? Will it knock me on my ass within a few puffs?

Just made my first order from MBV

I’ve looked around there for a while and finally decided to try some of there <a href="”>juices out. Besides at $5 for a 15ml why not? So i got several.

Here is my list.

Banana Nut Bread
Juicy Fruit
Moo <a href="”>juice
Morning Vape
Snickers (I got Snickarz from JustVapez in OKC and its my new favorite, hopefully MBV compares)

Anyone tried any of these or have anything to add that I should have gotten? I also grabbed the Trustfire charger and have a quick question. It doesn’t mention 18350’s but I assume their safe to charge with it? Oh, and a Iclear 30 replacement head (hopefully solves the issues i’ve had with my new Iclear)

Two Pack a day smoker looking for big boy starter kit and website to buy

This e-cig stuff is setup so one needs a degree from MIT to figure it out. I’ve spent the last two weeks looking for a starter kit with big batteries — 1000 mah or higher — and I would like the kanger t3. The sites I found that carry such a starter kit, their sites don’t work, and the sites that work don’t carry a complete setup or their starter kits come with a baby battery — 650 mah.

I’d put together my own kit but I have no idea about what goes with what.

Could someone refer me to a site that can be trusted and has a complete selection of the kanger and/or ego systems, big boy batteries, and the high mg per ml nicotine <a href="”>juice. Or any information on a good setup for a heavy smoker.

I’ve been smoking for 60 years at a rate of two packs a day, I don’t want to quit or cut down it’s just that the smoke from my cigs is killing everyone around me.

Thanks for all your help:confused:

What better to go with my bionic lungs than electronic cigs. lol

Citrus and cinnamon?

Does anybody make a citrus and cinnamon blend? Recently tried some Venom from Mt Baker, and really liked it. I also like citrus flavors. I couldn’t find anything so I did a build your own <a href="”>juice combining Venom and Mt Dew from Mt Baker. It isn’t here yet, just want to see if anybody else has tried anything similar. I also ordered up some atomic cinnacide, can’t wait for that one to get here, heard some great things about that <a href="”>juice.

The Ultimate vape

I don’t think such a thing exists at this time. My reasoning is different <a href="”>juices taste diffrent depending on what they are vaped in. Or with. Some <a href="”>juices are better with mesh and some with string wicks. Some are better with warm vape some are better with cold. Some are great in a cart some in a atty. Some are better with 50/50 some are better with 70/30.
I guess what Im getting at is if you try to pigeon hole one certain item or accessory you are limiting your self. If you want the elusive ultimate vape you need several different things with several different configurations. There is no ultimate vape no best delivery system there are just tomany variables to make that happen at this date and time.
I say enjoy the ride have fun learning, experimenting, and trying new things. If you limit your self its your own fault your missing out. Dont look for the perfict one Item make the one you have work perfect for what you want.