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Monthly Contest – Picture thread

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Note 1:

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Note 2:

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I need a 4/6 port charger

So I currently have the Xtar wps-2 & now looking to pick up a 4 port or 6 port charger. I’m going to be using it for 18350,18490 & 18650.

Can any one suggest a good charger to fit the bill. I’m looking for one that I can add the batteries & forget about.


what should i be asking about rba’s? some random rookie questions…

Hi all. First of all I hope I’m posting this in the right place. Let me know if I should go elsewhere.

I am stepping up from my smokeless image 808 stuff (including vv spinners and a T3) and want to get into rebuildables (I think…I know I’m a tinkerer). I have on pre order, hopefully coming soon, an svd and a natural. I’m excited to get the iclear 30’s that come with the svd, but I know I’ll be wanting something more, but I’m not totally sure what that should be. I’m about to order some batteries from rtdvapor and as a result have been looking over their line of rebuildable things, such as the igo-l, the aga+t, and the vision eternity. (I’m really frugal and stick to a strict budget, so I always like consolidating orders if it helps and rtd seems to have good prices.) I like things potentially about all these things, but am not really sure which way I should go. I know they are pretty different types of devices and in some ways not comparable but I’d love anyone’s input and thoughts about them.

Also, advice about how much wire I should get, (is 100 ft of 32 kanthal too much,not enough? 32 seems to be a commonly used guage so I figured that would be safe to start with…) what kind of wire mesh, silica wick (or something else?) And what else am I not thinking of?
I guess the wisest question I could ask is, what SHOULD I be asking that I’m too ignorant to even know to ask right now?

An aside: should I just go ahead and get the kick for my natural now, or will I be OK with it for a while without it since I’ll also have the svd for home use (since I’m not sure I want to be caught dead vaping off of the light-saber-of-an-svd in public)?

Sorry for such a random and vague post, hopefully the crowd’s wisdom will help me to know at least what to ask next and be more succinct. Thanks in advance.

What happened to my signature?

It’s gone. I noticed after replying to a post that my signature no longer shows up. I looked in my settings under edit signature and it flashes a broken pic for a split second and then nothing. If I try again to add a quit smoking banner in BB as my sig I’m basically told that I already have one and that’s all that’s allowed. Does anyone know whats going on with this? I got my quit smoking banner as my signature HERE and it was working fine.

Hats Off to "Bogey", Erik?

I still can’t believe this is happening or did happen but I was at the "reonauts" page on another website and "Vapers Voice Bogey" (Erik?) said he wanted to get rid of an old Grand that wasn’t getting any use. Someone asked him how much he wanted for it and he said he wanted to give it to someone for free who wanted a REO very badly; didn’t already have one and didn’t feel they could afford one.

I have a friend I won’t name until he feels like joining us here sometime who’s been smoking "real" cigarettes but also has some of our old vaping "hand me downs" but finally quit "real" cigarettes on December 31st, 2012. He really does/did want a REO and didn’t really feel like he could afford one and it looks like he’s getting one now.

Thanks a billion "Bogey/Erik?"