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Should I refill when my juice gets syrup-like?

As my 3ml tank gets down under 1/2ml, it looks quite viscus, like syrup. So far, I have just been topping it off. But, now I wonder if that is the best choice.

I am guessing that somehow it is distilling the <a href="”>juice, and leaving behind some component of the <a href="”>juice. But, I don’t know if it is the PG or the VG or the flavoring. If it is the flavoring, then topping off is certainly OK. Otherwise, I guess it is best to dump it. But, it is not possible to do this on a cartomizer. Does the syrup-thick <a href="”>juice just gradually accumulate until it no longer wicks enough, and the atomizer fails?

This is not something I would have expected to have happened. In my clearomizer, the vapor chamber is not really open to the <a href="”>juice tank. If the vapor were really getting into the tank and condensing, I would have expected to see condensation on the walls of the tank, but I don’t. My only theory at this time is that the wick itself somehow has a preference for some of the <a href="”>juice components, and so leaves behind the thicker component.

Anyone knowledgeable about this?

Joe Dunfee

E-Cigarettes likely to outsell Analog Cigarettes in the Next Decade

Currently, 45 million Americans smoke compared to 2.5 million who vape. Now, the number of vapers is probably closer to 3 million because it most likely does not account for people who solely make in-store transactions (such as myself). I’m looking forward to the day when vaping becomes as popular as smoking once was. 400,000 lives will be saved each year, and vaping will appear as normal as using your cell phone in public.

USA Always Last – eVic SS Mods

Why is it every time a new device starts garnering attention and Upgrades we (USA) are always last to have a chance to get them, if at all, and seemingly at a much higher price?:glare:

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SS 18350 Tube, End Cap, Top Cap – Roughly $43 – in Europe

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Clean up and new and improved forum

I merged topics and lost a few things (sorry). But the point was to make this a simple forum. If we need a bunch of different categories eventually then we can have them if members want. Until then I want this to be a simple forum you can grow with.

I am going to be here a lot more and want to grow this forum into the best ecig forum on the net. It might not be much yet but it will be.

CE5+ Clearomizer

CE5+ Clearomizer is an updated version of CE5 Clearomizer.

The structure and design is almost the same with CE5 clearomizer, but the coil is replaceable.

The wick is inside the metal tube, and there are 4 small home on the tube wich allowing just enough e-<a href="”>liquid to pass through.

It’s very easy to replace the coil. Just unscrew the bottom part of the CE5+ and then unscrew the metal tube which holds the coil. Replace that tube with another and you’re good to go.

Replace the coil of CE5+ Clearomizer as below:

<img src="” border=”0″ alt=”[Image: ce5+2.jpg]” />
CE5+ Clearomizer
<img src="” border=”0″ alt=”[Image: ce5+.jpg]” />
CE5+ Clearomizer
<img src="” border=”0″ alt=”[Image: ce5+3.jpg]” />
CE5+ Clearomizer
<img src="” border=”0″ alt=”[Image: ce5+4.jpg]” />
CE5+ Clearomizer

for more info, please visit: <a href="” target=”_blank”>…mizer.html