NYC Vape Meetup – And a Chance to Help With a Major Media Article on Vaping

We are having our NYC Vapers monthly meetup as scheduled on Thursday February 28th at 8PM EST.

Here is the great news: Andrew Couts, tech journalist for Digital Trends, will be attending the meetup to help him compile information on an upcoming article he is writing about vaping.

I’ve talked to Andrew a bit, and he seems very receptive to writing a great article about vaping. He has been a vaper for 2 years, and he wants to focus on the people and culture in vaping.

This is a great opportunity for Andrew and all of us as well. It makes his job much easier to network with a lot of vapers all in one shot, and of course it makes it easier for us to have our voices heard.

Here is the information for the meetup:

Thursday February 28th 8PM – late The Whiskey Ward 121 Essex St. (just south of Rivington)

There is cheap parking right down the street at 105 Essex, and the bar is less than a block away from the Delancey/Essex St. F/JMZ Subway station

Oh, also the bar rocks. Great whiskey selection, jukebox and pool table. This is a great excuse to come to the meet and have a good time, and do some good as well.

Hope to see you there!

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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