Types of Vaper?

I consider myself as an average to heavy vaper. I consume a 10 ml of 6mg nic in a week. My ecig is always nearby and I take a few 3 to 4 sec drag in every 15 mins or so. But how much is too much (heavy vaper) or how would you define an average vaper.

I would guess there are only three categories for these:

A. Light Vaper
B. moderate Vaper
C. Heavy Vaper

How would vaper suggest each category should be measured:
1. Number of ml used?
2. Nicotine per ml?
3. Atomizer used?
4. ???? other method

I know this is a very hard inquiry as there are too many factors to consider. But with everyones input, maybe we can draw a line between Light to moderate and moderate to Heavy just to give us an idea on What Type Of Vaper You Are.

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