St. Paul Minnesota Banning Electronic Cigarettes

That is what the headlines could read soon if they didn’t chill and take a more logical approach.

Basically the city of St. Paul is putting the breaks on requiring stores that sell ecigs at the moment to have a license like any other place that sells tobacco products. Well for one ecigs don’t contain tobacco. So how can you require a license for something that doesn’t contain a certain thing??? That is like telling the ice cream man he needs a firearms license to sell ice cream.

Well hopefully the people in charge of the city realize ecigs are a great thing to help people quit smoking. It is not a myth and doesn’t need to be proven by the FDA to know they work. Ask around and you will find the answer.

Here is the link to the original story I am talking about if you would like to read it.
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Let it Steep? If I’m ordering from a vendor I don’t feel I should have to do their job for them!

Hello All,

I’ve read a ton of e<a href="”>juice threads on various vendors and I see comments about how you should let certain vendors products Steep. I know as a consumer I don’t want to purchase something and then put it in a dark place for two weeks before I’m able to enjoy my purchase.

Vendors should be responsible for the steeping process as only they should know the amount of time needed for this process.


How long does a barrel of Jack Daniel’s take to mature? Just like with people, a barrel of whiskey doesn’t mature with age. It’s ready when it’s ready. We judge it with a sip.

I hope the e<a href="”>juice industry will mature quickly and provide customers with products that are ready to consume, as I don’t wish to wait 12 years for 12 year old scotch.


NYC Vape Meetup – And a Chance to Help With a Major Media Article on Vaping

We are having our NYC Vapers monthly meetup as scheduled on Thursday February 28th at 8PM EST.

Here is the great news: Andrew Couts, tech journalist for Digital Trends, will be attending the meetup to help him compile information on an upcoming article he is writing about vaping.

I’ve talked to Andrew a bit, and he seems very receptive to writing a great article about vaping. He has been a vaper for 2 years, and he wants to focus on the people and culture in vaping.

This is a great opportunity for Andrew and all of us as well. It makes his job much easier to network with a lot of vapers all in one shot, and of course it makes it easier for us to have our voices heard.

Here is the information for the meetup:

Thursday February 28th 8PM – late The Whiskey Ward 121 Essex St. (just south of Rivington)

There is cheap parking right down the street at 105 Essex, and the bar is less than a block away from the Delancey/Essex St. F/JMZ Subway station

Oh, also the bar rocks. Great whiskey selection, jukebox and pool table. This is a great excuse to come to the meet and have a good time, and do some good as well.

Hope to see you there!

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Dead Mouth

Ok I am a bit freeked out. I started e cigs about 2 weeks ago. Loved it off the bat, haven’t touched an analog or snus since I began. However, for the past 3 days, I can’t taste my <a href="”>juice. Get tons of vapor. A TH. Just a basic blah taste. Thought it was my clearos. Changed them nothing. Cleaned them nothing. Replaced a head nothing.

So I searched here and saw a bunch of posts about losing taste??? What is that about?? Weirdly enough, my food tastes better already. So how am I not tasting my <a href="”>juice?Any of them!

are there any carto tanks yet that are easier to refill?

I’m guessing advancements are being made but I’ve looked at the main vendors I use and the refilling portion of it hasn’t seemed to come very far. I’m guessing there is some cool stuff out there but I obviously don’t know where to look. I heard about tanks that had holes in the top just for refilling them. Anyone know what those are? The ones I use, I have to pull the carto out of the bottom then tilt it and pour it in, carefully avoiding getting into the top of the carto.

There has to be a better one out there!

No Idea, need help . . .

I have been off cigarettes for 8 months. Lately I have gained 10 pounds and want to smoke. I moved my nic back up to 18mg from 12mg (started at 18mg). I was very happy with vaping before and have no idea why all of a sudden I am having problems. I did smoke for 37 years and have been under stress, but lately nothing seems to satisfy me. If I vape to much my heart starts to race, but still not satisfied. What is going on? Please help me. I recently lost 50 pounds (now at ideal weight plus 5lbs., thank God I built in a buffer) and don’t want to gain it back or start smoking again. 😥

Types of Vaper?

I consider myself as an average to heavy vaper. I consume a 10 ml of 6mg nic in a week. My ecig is always nearby and I take a few 3 to 4 sec drag in every 15 mins or so. But how much is too much (heavy vaper) or how would you define an average vaper.

I would guess there are only three categories for these:

A. Light Vaper
B. moderate Vaper
C. Heavy Vaper

How would vaper suggest each category should be measured:
1. Number of ml used?
2. Nicotine per ml?
3. Atomizer used?
4. ???? other method

I know this is a very hard inquiry as there are too many factors to consider. But with everyones input, maybe we can draw a line between Light to moderate and moderate to Heavy just to give us an idea on What Type Of Vaper You Are.