thinking about buying a smoktech bolt

i would like to get my wife a fairly inexpensive mod. she’s not concerned about VV. she wants something thats sturdy, will use durable batteries and doesnt cost $20 to replace batteries when they do fail. she is tired of the typical one piece battery and their failure rates. we have a toddler in the house and those batteries keep breaking. while i have a provari and it has been good to me, she doesnt need all of the features of such a device. looking on gotvapes a smoktech bolt can be had for less then $40. i already own a battery charger that i use with my provari.

i have multiple 18490 batteries for my provari. what is the difference between an 18490 and an 18500? also does the bolt use button top or flat-top. is gotvapes the best place to go or can i get it cheaper elsewhere. im looking for a basic but reliable unit that will last and not these cheap throw-away batteries. seems like those IMR 18490’s i use with my provari last as long as a cell phone battery if not longer. i have had several of them for a year. they are awesome.

do i have to use protected batteries in a bolt or can i use regular IMR’s

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