ecigs and flying?

Hey all!
I’ll be taking a trip to Las Vegas this weekend and of course, i cant leave without my <acronym title="Advanced Personal Vaporizer, aka mod“>APV and <a href="”>juices!
ive never flown with ecigs before. all the other times ive flown i was still an analog smoker. was wondering if anyone had any experience with this? honestly im kind of nervous about going to security with my ecig and <a href="”>juices. any one have any advice or first had experience? issues or tips??

help is greatly appreciated!

thinking about buying a smoktech bolt

i would like to get my wife a fairly inexpensive mod. she’s not concerned about VV. she wants something thats sturdy, will use durable batteries and doesnt cost $20 to replace batteries when they do fail. she is tired of the typical one piece battery and their failure rates. we have a toddler in the house and those batteries keep breaking. while i have a provari and it has been good to me, she doesnt need all of the features of such a device. looking on gotvapes a smoktech bolt can be had for less then $40. i already own a battery charger that i use with my provari.

i have multiple 18490 batteries for my provari. what is the difference between an 18490 and an 18500? also does the bolt use button top or flat-top. is gotvapes the best place to go or can i get it cheaper elsewhere. im looking for a basic but reliable unit that will last and not these cheap throw-away batteries. seems like those IMR 18490’s i use with my provari last as long as a cell phone battery if not longer. i have had several of them for a year. they are awesome.

do i have to use protected batteries in a bolt or can i use regular IMR’s

Are there any Cartomizer with Steel Mesh wicks?

I saw the posting about the fiber wicks having health concerns, so I wanted to look for a cartomizer that has a replaceable head that comes with Steel Mesh. So far, I’ve only found RBA’s with this option, but I’m not sure about investing in that kind of tech just yet.

So are there any CE4, Kanger T3 or Vivi Nova type cartomizers that come with this?

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New to Ecigs, could use some help please

Hi there,

I’m looking to switch to ecigs, but all the apparent customization and variety make it really hard for me to research. I did try a free sample from Njoy, and they were pretty good, but I’d like something that is refillable/non-disposable. My normal "real cigs" are Marlboro 100s (reds). I’m usually pretty good about Googling stuff for myself, but I really don’t know what to do in this situation.

I do know that I like full flavour, would prefer something that looks like a cigarette, I like to feel the "smoke" in my throat, and I hate flavours that are added (plain tobacco flavour = good. Black cherry banana hazelnut mai tai = bad).

Ideally, I’d just like to buy a kit, and have you good folks recommend a brand or two. I feel like I’m in an automobile forum here- you guys are driving around custom hot rods and all I want is to "walk on the lot and buy"…. if you know what I mean.

Anyways, if any of you can give me some recommendations based on the info above, I’d really appreciate it.


Last day to purchase…?

I don’t know if this has been discussed here yet, but I have to ask…
Does anyone know the deadline for being able to buy vaping stuff? My favorite shops are low or out of everything (Grr!) Maybe the vape ban is still in the discussion stage and not set to actually take place yet?? I dunno, but the run on everything is making me nervous and I don’t want to miss the boat!
(I apologize if this topic has been addressed and I missed it!)

another newb qeustion

ok so i attempted to make the puck today ( i think i posted already) and im was using a 510 to 510 extender with no luck, so with guidence from my vape store i went with a 510 to ego, again with no luck!!!! i used the schematics off the site so its for a 901, i dont know where i went wrong but its makin me mad and i wanna throw it and give up. Can anyone help me, if it makes it easier i will give you my email so we can talk like that and send pics.

wizard labs shipping and packing review

Got my package in 2 days from ship date.

wizardlabs review.mp4 – YouTube

my reviews are not fancy, just facts. Rough edit, but I do not do this for money, nor do I at this time accept revenue.

Conclusion (My :2c:): Will order form this company for many years to come. Very impressed with their packing, and shipping, as well as their nic testing as advertised (not included in video, but will be shown on a future video yet to be released).


I may be an addict…

…to buying new gear!!

In just about a week my collection has gone from one ego-T set and one bottle of <a href="”>juice to this.

<img src="” border=”0″ alt=”” />

And I am especially proud of this baby…

<img src="” border=”0″ alt=”” />

I am really enjoying this vaping thing…