short charging cord,,,,

I received a short charging cord with a box of SI X2s and other things from a nice PIF,,,,,,,,

how come this short cord charges my batteries so much faster than the longer ones that came with my X2s???

It doesn’t seem to matter which batt I put on the cord,,,,,,,they all charge faster.

any thoughts??

New GG Owner/Need help

for the life of me I cant figure out how to get anything with a 510 to work on this. For that matter a 801 or 901. What am I missing here??? Nothing fits. I cant even get it on. Its like the threads where the pin is, isnt made right. I am totally confused. I feel like Im just starting out vaping again. I feel like an idiot to ask this but dont know what else to do. Could I be missing a part?

Hello from Central Illinois

Hi all, this is just an introductory post from a complete newbie.

Two weeks ago, I’d never heard of e-cigarettes, but we recently hired a new guy at work who vapes, and I decided to try out a disposable from the gas station. That was exactly a week ago today (Thanksgiving day in the US), and since then I have only smoked one pack of analogs, which I finished off 3 days ago, (I was ~1.5 packs a day before last week).

After spending way too much on disposables for a week, my first real equipment finally arrived today (took a while, I’m sure due to the holiday + cyber-monday shipping overload).

The new stuff is working out great so far (admittedly, it’s only been a couple of hours).

Anyway, just wanted to say hello,

A possible way to keep jucie fresher, , maybe?

So I am kinda new to this, and from what I have read, light is not good for e<a href="”>juice.
So I was thinking of this. What if I was to take electrical tape and wrap my bottle except like a 1\8 inch gap going up the side so you can see how much is left. This would keep the light out.

What are your thoughts. Do you think it would work, or help? Or I am just being a dork, LOL

Nicotine is actually good for you

So since my panic attacks/anxiety started back again I was thinking it might be from vaping…..still think it might be
causing it but I’m not sure, it could be alot of different things.

<a href="!302219!” target=”_blank”>…ic-atacks.html

Anyways while searching to find my cause I ran into some things about nicotine.

Nicotine helps increase in the release of dopamine and serotonin which actually help people with anxiety and depression.

Discovery Health "How can nicotine be good for me?"…-stop-smoking/

This is also a reason why when quitting smoking can cause anxiety and depression since your dopimine and serotonin will drop
and it takes a while for the brain to recover.

New Member Daytona Beach

I started vaping 9 months ago . I didn’t know what I was doing so bought a 901 catridge system. I was a 4 pack a day smoker .It was not a good kit but it slowed me down to a pack a day. The I bought and ego Kit still using filters . It was better but still not quit right,I went down to less then a pack a day.Then I bought a VV battery 3.0 to 6.0 volt and started using clearomizers . Now that did the trick because I could dial in my vapor to being what I was use to in real cigs. I was so Impressed , That I open my own ecig store and now am selling to others because I know it works , and I went through the dos and don’ts the hard way.Now I can pass what I learn to others .I always try the new clearomizers cardomizers ,and Tips before I put any out for sale. I have found junk and I have found some great things.If I can pass any advice to any new vapor people . Stay away from the pre filled tips kits . It is costly , the clog , they burn out easy. Tanks , clearomizers ,drip tips , and cardomizers is the way to go for better vapor Just My opinion:evil:

Strange issue with my chrome black apv

So I just got my <acronym title="Advanced Personal Vaporizer, aka mod“>apv(chrome black) newest one with long spring, etc etc,..

This is my first <acronym title="Advanced Personal Vaporizer, aka mod“>apv mod. I am using the joyetech 18650 batteries from HC, also purchased at the same time as the <acronym title="Advanced Personal Vaporizer, aka mod“>apv. Fully charged, RMS, everything is setup right.

My problem(at least I THINK its a problem), is when I fire any atty/carto/clearo, it makes a fluttering sound. It seems to hit fine, vapor production/flavor is normal, but there’s a very obvious flutter to the sound of it firing. I’ve used all different ohm cartos & attys, all are the same. Say with this boge 510, showing 2.5 ohms, at 4 volts, it flutters when I hold fire. It isn’t clogged or dry. I don’t get it. Is this normal? Thanks..

Thinking About Vaping During Odd Times

<a href="” title=”Name: IV Drip.jpg
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So last week I had an ER visit that turned into a surgery. It was my first experience with the latter, so of course all kinds of nonsense was running through my head to help me deal with the situation. I noticed that my IV drip was pumping 120ml per hour. Funnily enough, the first thing that popped through my head was, "Wow. That’s four big bottle of e-<a href="”>liquid!"

On a side note, the surgeon noted that it was a "very good idea" that I switched from smoking to vaping.

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