NOOB: do I need new e-liquid or a new system?

I’m new to the e-cig world, and I purchased my first unit not too long ago

This was what I purchased:

<a href="–1000mah_p_41.html” target=”_blank”>ego Tank System -1000 mah

50%pg/50%vg, 24mg, Extra-Flavour, 10mL each
NATURALS – No-Bake Cake
Mocha Java Drizzle
ICE e<a href="”>juice – Ice ICE

70%pg/30%vg, 24mg, Extra-Flavour, 10mL
Vanilla Coffee

70%pg/30%vg, 24mg, Standard, 30mL
Classic Tobacco

Very disappointing:
-I had my highest hopes for the tobacco flavour (and, as above, the tobacco flavour was what I purchased the most of). It was extremely sweet; nothing like a cigarette, not even close. I can’t stand it.
-Vanilla coffee, Mocha Java Drizzle & no bake cake all taste VERY similar, and are all very sweet (which I expected, but I had high hopes as most people said they love the sweet taste in comparison to a actual cigarette). All three of these, and tobacco flavour, taste very similar to me.

ICE tastes different then the rest, and is the least sweet. I don’t like menthol flavoured cigarettes but ICE is the best flavour out of the ones I got.

I read up on peoples opinions and some said to wait a while and try again as the flavours change over time. After waiting about 2-3 weeks, I tried again. I could no longer distinguish the differences between mocha tobacco or vanilla coffee. They’re all sweet.

ICE got a little bit better, but nothing like a real cigarette (normal or menthol flavoured)

Also, there is no throat hit. I would like something with a strong throat hit. But I’m guessing this can be changed by playing with the pg / vg ratio

Anyway, I need opinions.
-I was told that the m402 model tastes a lot like a real cigarette

should I buy the m402 or try e-<a href="”>juices from a different vender?
Any opinions on how close m402 vapor is more or less like the ego T?
I was thinking of trying ave<a href="”>juices, any opinions on ave<a href="”>juice tobacco flavours? <a href="http://www.ave<a href="”>” target=”_blank”>Tobacco Flavors
Or, any recommendations?


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