Mystery cartomizers

I picked up some XXXL 54mm Red Cartomizers from electosmoke, and i pretty much can’t find any info on these things..
here’s a picture of the blue version: <a href="” title=”Name: 510-xxxl-54mm-celluloid-cartomizer-double-bobines-.jpg
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Size: 13.8 KB”>510-xxxl-54mm-celluloid-cartomizer-double-bobines-.jpg

has anyone picked these up before? I’m looking for some info on them. Mine are 2.0ohm dual coils.
im wondering if they’re genuinely from smoktech. the vapor and TH im getting doesn’t beat the vivi or stardust.

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    <a href="”>510-xxxl-54mm-celluloid-cartomizer-double-bobines-.jpg
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