Intro Post- Ahoy! :)

Hey guys!
So I decided to actually make an account after months of lurking and a couple months of full time vaping! Just wanted to pop in and say hello. Been vaping since late september – smoker for about 5 years or so (pack a day sometimes 2 packs a day) 18 years old and gave it up due to the realization that I am far to young to put my body through that much due to a poor habit. Met a lot of amazing people here, originally heard of vaping from on stickam, I actually thought that vaping was just another word for smoking pot (LOL) and I just viewed it as some stonerse talking about the meaning of life on a podcast like show, finally gave it a go and watched and got hooked! Then i found this site and couldn’t stop browsing 😀
Happy vaping bro’s and broetts’!


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