Been a few years…

Long story short: I bought a LOT of vaping supplies, stopped vaping (personal emergencies left me out of town a lot), and now I’m COPD and need to vape. (I was truly shocked by diagnosis, btw).

Impressive: while my charger and it’s battery were fused together and usuable (my fault, left them plugged in), I dug out a blue on-the-go charger (you charge the box, it charges your batts and holds carts), so I was able to plug it into my USB port and charge a few brand new batts I had.

Those batts were Totally Wicked brand; very nice packaging, and even better, all the new batts were STILL charged even though I hadn’t undwrapped them! So I was vaping the day I got my COPD dx! Ya Totlly Wicked, right?

No. It’s the model I like, Titan 510, but Totally Wicked doesn’t seem to carry many 510 supplies (in particular, no more pink batts; no carts (that stick on the atomizer) at all, no spongy things to pour the <a href="”>liquid into. I need a new 510 supplier with good quality stuff. Will take whatever recs you have; it’s sorta an emergecy!

My <a href="”>liquids were rank; I was able to savage a few menthols from Totally E-<a href="”>liquid, which I’m enjoying. But I read bad reviews of htem recently, so if I could find one Titan 510 site with good 18mg e <a href="”>juice, I’d be super-happy!

(Remember, I’m really impressed with Totally Wicked’s long-lasting batts, charger maybe, and atomizers. Never tried their <a href="”>juice. I’d LOVE quality stuff.)

Thanks for any help; I NEED to be on these e-cisg now!

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