FreeMax Starre Pure Ceramic Tank

Freemax Starre Pure Ceramic Tank is an innovative sub-ohm tank with many great features – Teflon drip tip port, top filling & top airflow design and long life-span coil. Applied ceramic cover coil with original Japanese organic cotton, Starre pure will keep bringing almost up to 100% pure tastes of e-<a href="”>juice. With top into airflow holes, it makes vape very smoothly and could cool down the temperature of the vapor. It is a good choice for flavor chaser. Silver color.

Size: 64.3 (L)…

<a href="”>FreeMax Starre Pure Ceramic Tank

Ijoy maxo quad 18650 mod going chirpy chirpy….

I know some on here expressed an interest in this mod when it's release was announced. Don't know if it's available cheaper anywhere else but this seems a good price.

Well its seems to be going at a good price on gearbest at the moment like the middle of the road song.
In red and yellow colours the price is down to £34.55 when you use discount code "vcmaxo" at checkout.
Also available in blue for a couple of quid more….

<a href="”>Ijoy maxo quad 18650 mod going chirpy chirpy….

Win iJoy Maxo Mod, Earn chances to try the first Quad battery Mod

iJoy this year commits great efforts on e-cigarette device research and development, which is not hard to tell from the release of its recent product. Tornado tank, Limitless RDTA, Tornado Nano, Chip coil, many of the new and innovative tanks and vape technology were introduced to the market one after the other. And we all witness many of its product are getting prominent prevalent in the community.

Today we bring you the most amazing mod by iJoy on the market, which is the…

<a href="”>Win iJoy Maxo mod, Earn chances to try the first Quad battery mod

GLASSMANOAK’S Contest Thread #166 for WINNERS !!!!



Everyone is encouraged to post multiple times each day – BUT only with a few

<img src="” class=”mceSmilie” alt=”:rules:” title=”Rules :rules:” />

1) Only posts which begin with a number will count towards winning.


3.) There can be only SIX…

<a href="”>GLASSMANOAK'S Contest Thread #166 for WINNERS !!!!

Cloudy juice

Feel a bit of a melon posting this but having had a squiz through google I can't find a definitive answer.

So built a new RDA, grabbed a bottle of <a href="”>juice out of the cupboard, shook it, primed the RDA, finished up and dripped it, Vaped it. Lovely.
Then I looked at the bottle, and the <a href="”>juice is cloudy. It's not an off colour- it's a nice medium yellow/brown colour, and as it's over 3 months old that's pretty much what I'd expect.

So why is it cloudy? It doesn't taste off, has been kept sealed…

<a href="<a href="”>juice.122066/”>Cloudy <a href="”>juice

Ikenvape – Remembering the Legend

Hi folks. In case you haven’t heard, another one of the great original innovators in our industry, Ikenvape, has closed their doors for the last time. <img src="” class=”mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie15″ alt=”:(” title=”Frown :(” />

We (<a href="” data-user=”53331, @Katdarling”>@Katdarling, myself and a few others) thought it would be a great tribute to him and his contributions to our industry and our lives, to start this thread for all friends, “family”, and any and all to pay tribute and remember one of the great vendors of our industry. And we’ll throw in a lot of friendly chit chat and…

<a href="”>Ikenvape – Remembering the Legend

Vaporesso Estoc Tank Mega Giveaway—Part 2 Official Contest started

After 1 week Warm-up, we already feel your passion on the Vaporesso Estoc Tank. According to the Warm-up rules, we shall give away 5 Vaporesso Estoc Tanks.

Reply to any of the rules below to enter:

1. What do you think of this EUC tech
2. How often do you change one pre-made coil and how much does it cost you

<a href="”>Vaporesso Estoc Tank Mega Giveaway—Part 2 Official Contest started

The Old Timer list – a bit of fun

Just for fun and out of pure curiosity lets see if we can get a top 10 list of who has been here on the planet the longest

1-10 put your name in with your joining date, if you look on the list and you've joined before the no.10 date pop copy and paste yourself in the appropriate number and move everyone down removing the last name make my it a revolving list until we see who the old timers are

You can add others in, as we can see joining dates but only members you are still active on the…

The Old Timer list – a bit of fun

1st Label design

hello all, messing around in photoshop and made a label design, brand name im still thinking about one. its only going to be for personal use and the occasional family member who want to try my mixes once i have started to do them.
what are your suggestions on the labels itself and a brand name and be honest i can take it <img src="” class=”mceSmilie” alt=”:)” title=”1 :)” />

how is the best way to print this to sticky lables. as im unsure of an actual label size for 10 and 30ml bottles.

<img src="” class=”bbCodeImage LbImage” alt=”[​IMG]” data-url=”” />