How often do you crave a cig?

I was really surprised last night when I had an intense craving for a cig. It's been over 7 months that I've been vaping and I thought I was out of the woods. Am I alone here having these cravings so long after I've quit the stinkies?
How long have you been vaping and how often do you still crave cigs?

Building and bad eyes

Anyone else on the cusp of needing reading glasses who builds their own decks? Been looking at magnifiers but not sure what to get. Standard wraps are easy but flat wire is a tad more difficult and I really need to see what I am up to

Advice appreciated as always

Cuboid 510

Hi guys and gals, might have been asked before but cant find anything. Ive had my cuboid for quite some time. Its seen a hard life (few scuffs here and there) but has been kept squeaky clean with no issues. Just recently its stopped registering there is an atty on the top. And its attys that ive used on there all the time. Its like the 510 has "sunken" into the mod. I can only use attys with really long pins on to make it work. Any suggestions? Is it worth a replacement or a new mod? I love…

<a href="”>Cuboid 510

Out of date juice?

I found a great deal on eBay – £25 for 200ml of Vampire Vape <a href="”>juice, because all the <a href="”>juice is past its best before date. Is this a good buy, or is out of date <a href="”>juice bad? Bad tasting, bad for health etc.
I probably go through about 4ml a day so it may be that 200ml will all be completely ruined by the time I finish it.

Nautilus Mini on T18

Ok so i have an Innokin T18 and not liking it very much. Dont think i want to go down the sub ohm root yet and still struggling to keep off the smokes (5 weeks smoke free yesterday). Im not getting any real flavour from the t18, apart from a plastic taste.

Ive been reading about the nautilus mini being the best mtl tank with good flavour and vaper (im in no way a cloud chaser). What are your thoughts on using the tank on the t18?
T18 is restricted to 14w, and uses 1.5ohm coils and the…

Nautilus Mini on T18

What MOD to buy next? Fuchai 213 Plus or…..?

Hey all, I am in the market for a new mod. I currently have my original Innokin Cool Fire 4 and an eLeaf ipower 80w TC. I am looking to get a 150-200 W, dual 18650, regulated device. I want a device that takes removable batteries, as my internal battery mods lifespan is starting to dwindle, and i am noticing they do not hold a charge like they ued to ; ( My budget is under $75. My absolute REQUIREMENTS are: handles 24mm atomizers with NO overhang (25 mm a bonus plus, but not required), a…

<a href="”>What mod to buy next? Fuchai 213 Plus or…..?

Asshole cuts entire industry’s throat while trying to sell his house juice for $10 per 15ml

"There's no regulation on that end of things," explained Paul Strand, who runs Shop Vapes, Inc. Strand's clientele is made up of the older generation, trying to cut back on their nicotine addiction by switching tow hat has been called the 'safer alternative.' "I don't mind losing a customer if someone's going to be in a better position as a result of it," he added.

<a href="<a href="”>juice-for-10-per-15ml.307125/”>Asshole cuts entire industry's throat while trying to sell his house <a href="”>juice for $10 per 15ml

HCigar VT Inbox (VTinbox) – evolv VT75

HCigar VT Inbox (VTinbox) – evolv VT75

This is what I've got so far.

"VTinbox continues to adopt the core technology of Evolv company's original newest VT75 TC chip. It guarantees the device has a stable output 1-75W current.The classic square box shape and double-sided detachable magnetic cover to be matched with the main body frame of SS craft processing makes the overall shape classic and retro.

Internal oil storage bottle directly connect the atomizer pass filling liquild…

<a href="”>HCigar VT Inbox (VTinbox) – evolv VT75

Hello everyone

Would like to say hi to everyone and glad to be a part of this forum. A word about myself, dumped the cigs about 3 years ago for vaping. I have been building for about 2 years now, more of a flavor chaser than cloud maker. My collection of RDA's and tanks covers most aspects of vaping. Have been mixing my own <a href="”>juice as of late and have built a preference to TFA flavors (don't hate me). have a few fine tuned mixes and some that would insult the trash can, lol. I will be mixing up recipes from…

<a href="”>Hello everyone