Advice with a Juul

Hey I just got into using a Juul, switched from a box mod vape to a juul a few days ago. I find it inconvenient to plug it in the wall for it to charge while sticking out and then have to hold the pods in my pocket or in a bag. Wouldn't it be a lot more convenient and useful to have a thin case for the juul that holds a extra pod and charges it a couple times?

Deep Thoughts, & Inner Weirdom

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diy vape

hi new to this but not to vapeing been diy e <a href="”>liquid for six months but getting bored of the mixes can anyone suggest some from what i have below.
Menthol (vapeable)
Pink lemonade
Strawberry (fa)
Strawberries and cream (cap)
Sweetener (pa)
Cotton candy (pa)
Sweet cream (pa)
Strawberry milkshake (vapable)
Blueslush (flav factory)
French vanilla (cap)
french vinilla
ethyl maltol
summer strawberry
ravishing raspeberry
brillant blueberry
cheeky cherry

any help would be…

<a href="”>diy vape

Aspire Cleito EXO

Evening all
I have just purchased the Aspire Cleito EXO 0.16ohm coil as i am now using a more powerful mod. I had previously been making my own coils using my Kangertech rba (subox mini). Is there an rba for the Cleito EXO or do i need to purchase a normal Cleito tank as well as an rba? Would i also benefit if i purchased a 'fat boy' glass?

Have you check IJOY 20700 Battery?

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IJOY 20700 High Drain Rechargeable battery comes with 3000mAh battery capacity with 40A max continuous discharging current. It can be used with most 20700 regulated and mechanical mods. Long storage life, light weight and high energy density. Get it as a spare part.

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More details welcome to check on…

<a href="”>Have you check IJOY 20700 battery

Aspire Pockex – burnt out?

Hi all,
I'm a newbie and probably made a rookie mistake. I had my Pockex in my bag and somehow it's managed to switch itself on and burn out the coil completely. I've gone to replace the coil and noticed that the entire device stinks of Pinkman – but a burnt odour. I've taken it apart so the tank is seperate from the main body of the device and the lid is off the tank. I rinsed out the tank and the lid and now they don't smell but the top of the main device where the battery is still…

Aspire Pockex – burnt out?


Hi all!

Looking to upgrade from my TFV8 and one buddy suggested the Azeroth RDTA while another buddy of mine suggested the Perseus RDTA. Being that I'm still somewhat new to RDTA / RTA's, I'm not going to go crazy with the coil builds but looking for something that is as easy to use, wick, and refill. Also probably going to pair (at this point) with the Kaos. I rarely goes over 93 watts and usually have my coils around the 0.15 to 0.25 range.

Looking for flavor with as much cloud as…

<a href="”>RDTA's

Win Envii Loch Ness, A Nicely Designed High End Mod for Long-lasting Vape

Unique design, versatile functions, powerful & long-lasting battery, guess these are all you want from a vape mod, right? So today, we bring you a perfect prize that will meet all those requirements – the 150w Envii Loch Ness. Featuring a slightly curved shape and rubberized finish, it's so eye-catching and ergonomic, fitting nicely in the hand. Running on dual 18650 batteries that supports 150w max output, it will…

<a href="”>Win Envii Loch Ness, A Nicely Designed High End mod for Long-lasting Vape

I Grew Up! (Well, a little…)

I got me an eLeaf 20W iStick mod w/an Innokin T22 tank w/Prism attys. I L<3VE IT!! I do have some basic questions that maybe a YouTube vid could answer, but then all my fellow vapers are here!!

If it maxes to 20W, what should I be at Wattage wise for 12mg 70/30? Should I be thinkin' about moving down in mgs? Or is that for more extensive mods? I'm still kinda new at this but considering I grew up from a Joyetech ego AiO, I'm feeling pretty damned proud of myself. <img src="” class=”mceSmilie” alt=”:banana:” title=”Banana :banana:” />This is a freaking…

<a href="”>I Grew Up! (Well, a little…)